Amaryllis From The Bulb To The Beautiful Bloom

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Our beloved amaryllis is planted in a pot only in November. If you have planted the amaryllis in your garden, you should dig it up again in the fall at the latest and overwinter it in the warm house. To plant the bulb, you will need a small pot with a diameter of about 12 centimeters. Fill it with loose, water-permeable soil.

Amaryllis From The Bulb To The Beautiful Bloom

After planting, do not water our amaryllis for 12 days. Our Amaryllis likes it nice and warm at this time, so make sure the room where the plant is placed is at room temperature. After about 6-8 weeks the first buds will form, only afterwards the leaves will grow.

Care during flowering

When the amaryllis blooms between December and February, the room temperature should be between 18-20 degrees. At a higher temperature, your amaryllis will quickly fade. The location is also important, it prefers a bright location, but not direct sunlight. Further care of the plant should take care that it is sufficiently supplied with water, but you should avoid the waterlogging.

Make sure that your plant does not dry out, nor should it be watered too often. As with all other plants, avoid waterlogging. The best way to water your Amaryllis is similar to orchids, dip it in water once and let it drain properly. As soon as the amaryllis blooms, it gets no fertilizer.

How to overwinter your amaryllis

When your plant has faded, the growing phase of the plant begins, remove all the flowers together with the stem, but be sure to leave the leaves on, this is important for the pretty plant, because without these leaves it can not photosynthesize. Now is also the time when it needs a warm and bright location and plenty of water. From May, the plant can be planted out in the garden or on the balcony.

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At the beginning of August, at the latest in September, your Amaryllis will not be watered anymore. You should put it in a dark, cool place and leave it alone. During this resting period, the plant retracts its leaves and gathers strength for the next flowering. You can remove withered leaves without any problems.

In November, when it is gray, wet and cold outside again, the bulb can be planted in a pot with fresh soil. Make sure that at least one third of the bulb is not covered with soil. Starting in December only, water your bulb lightly. Once the flower stalk reaches about 10 cm, it is watered once a week.


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