Are Rats Good For Your Compost Pile?

Contrary to popular belief, rats and composters are a good match. Pierre-Jean Glasson, director of the Compost’Age association, explains: ‘

‘In a composter, it is important to have a good balance of waste. Ideally, you need about 70% wet waste (which produces nitrogen) such as fruit and vegetable peelings and 30% carbon waste (dry leaves, straw…). Stirring the compost once a week ensures good oxygenation and the waste breaks down quickly. The better the compost is managed, the faster it decomposes and does not attract pests.

Rats are omnivorous so you can put meat or fish in the composter as long as they are buried so that they break down quickly and avoid the presence of flies. Under a composter, you can also install a metal grid with a fine mesh to avoid the intrusion of pests. Composting does not attract rats, that’s a common misconception.

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