Can You Mow A Wet Lawn?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 09:01 pm

Bad weather and rain, sometimes torrential, don’t let up. However, your lawn still needs to be mowed. Is it possible to mow a wet lawn?

Can You Mow A Wet Lawn?

Summer is not all sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Rain can also make its appearance, making the garden unusable for a few days. However, at this time, plants need to be maintained. The lawn, for example, must be mowed regularly in summer. But is it a good idea to cut it if it is wet?

Why shouldn’t I mow my wet lawn?

Can You Mow A Wet Lawn?

Mowing a wet or damp lawn is not recommended. This is because the grass sticks to the mower more easily, causing a blockage that impedes the proper operation of your lawnmower. In addition, mowing a wet lawn is more complicated because the grass slips between the blades and the cut is uneven. However, there are many situations where mowing is still required. Here are the precautions to take when mowing in wet weather.

Wet lawn: how to mow it?

If you have no choice but to mow a wet lawn, here are the recommendations:

Choose a special mower that can mow wet lawns: more expensive, they are, on the other hand, efficient and can save your growing lawn!
Apply vegetable oil to the blades: this will prevent the grass from sticking to the blades and thus avoid clogging.
Mow gently: when it rains, it’s best to be meticulous about mowing the lawn. Mow slowly and gently so as not to damage wet grass.

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