Disinfect pruning shears – That is why it is important

After pruning diseased shoots, the pruning shears must be disinfected to prevent the transfer of pathogens to healthy plants.

At first glance, no one thinks that disinfecting pruning shears is a necessity. After all, when pruning shrubs and trees usually cut a few healthy branches and twigs.

Disinfect pruning shears - That is why it is important

However, if the tree is affected by pests or fungi, there is only one option: disinfect your pruning shears after you cut back diseased plants, otherwise you will spread the disease to other healthy plants.

Normally, diseases and pest infestations are secondary damage for which a point of entry must be present. In some cases, insufficient care or care carried out at the wrong time lead to these secondary diseases. If professional plant care is carried out, you can avoid such infections.

How to disinfect pruning shears

Garden shears should not be disinfected if soil or other contaminants are still attached to them. Washing them with water alone is not enough to kill microbes. Therefore, they must be disinfected to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. The different options are:

  • Disinfectant: You can put disinfectant, such as Allpax’s, on a cloth or spray it directly on the pruning shears and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. This method is quick and can be done over and over in between.
  • Burner: Here, however, care must be taken that the flame does not get too close to the plastic.
  • Alcohol or methylated spirit: before disinfecting thoroughly, unscrew the pruning shears. Then scrub everything roughly with a metal brush. Now place the metal parts in alcohol or spirit for at least 10 minutes. Everything should be thoroughly covered.
  • Boiling water: the secateurs can also be boiled in simmering water for 10 minutes to disinfect them. After that, the secateurs should be dried completely, otherwise they may rust.