3 Tips for the Correct Placement of Garden Sculptures

We would like to give you some tips for the perfect placement of garden sculptures. By the way, we also advise you to definitely try different locations before finally fixing the place of installation. In this way, you will see how the sculpture looks in different places and can decide on the best one.

3 Tips for the Correct Placement of Garden Sculptures
The appropriate placement is essential for the effect of the sculpture

Surrounding planting

The plants around a statue can become part of the artwork. A bronze statue in the shape of a dancing girl looks great in a colorful flower bed. A bird motif could be very effective on the edge of a small pond. A pair of lovers in a hidden corner could be partially hidden by a hedge.

Give the garden sculpture enough space to unfold

An imposing statue needs space to have the best possible effect. For example, create a roundel specifically for this purpose in the middle of the lawn or build a path around a pedestal. A place at the edge of your terrace in the transition to the garden is also very suitable. This place also has the charm that you can always see the sculpture from the house.

Provide good lighting

For the sculpture to be effective even in the dark, suitable lighting is essential. Consider whether you want it more “dramatic” from the background or classically lit from the front.