Does Lavender Germinates In The Light?

Many plant seeds are relatively indifferent to whether it is light or dark – they germinate as soon as the appropriate conditions, such as warmth and moisture, are present. Other seeds, on the other hand, absolutely need darkness to germinate, the so-called dark germinators, or light. The latter are called light germinators. Lavender is also one of them.

Lavendel Lichtkeimer

Provide sufficient light

Usually lavender is propagated by cuttings, but you can also grow the flowering plants yourself from seed starting in February. The commercially available lavender seed usually comes from the true lavender and is rarely varietal. This means that the lavender plantlets grown from seed can look very different. When sowing lavender, you must be careful not to cover the fine seeds with soil, if possible, or to cover them only very thinly. Lavender is a light germinator and therefore needs brightness for the grains to start germinating. For this reason, you need as bright a location as possible for the planting tray or the seed pot. However, since it is usually too dark in February for the sun-loving Mediterranean plants, a special plant lamp (25,00€ at Amazon*) can provide more brightness.

Sowing lavender correctly
In order for you to be successful when sowing lavender, we have compiled the following tips for you:

  • If possible, prefer lavender already towards the end of winter / in the spring.
  • Otherwise, the plants may start flowering too late and not be able to mature before winter.
  • Take a growing pot, a planting tray or a propagator.
  • Fill it with low-nutrient growing soil. Herb soil usually works very well, too.
  • Press the soil lightly.
  • Moisten the substrate with water from a spray bottle, but it should not be wet.
  • Sow the fine seeds on top of the soil.
  • Press them lightly against the moist soil.
  • Place the pot in a bright and warm place.
  • If necessary, install another plant lamp.
  • Prick out the seedlings and repot them as soon as the first tender leaflets have grown next to the two cotyledons.
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Tips & Tricks
Unlike many other seeds, lavender does not need a greenhouse climate to germinate, so it is best to avoid using bags or clear plastic wrap placed over the pot. Lavender germinates best at temperatures around 15 °C.


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