Does The Stone Marten Hibernate?

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Does the stone marten hibernate? Martens are well-known malefactors that can make our lives really difficult.

I wondered whether one has at least in the winter months his peace before the malefactor.
This and many other exciting answers to the stone marten, you will find in this article. After reading, you are a real marten expert. Promised. Here we go.

Where does the stone marten live in winter?

Does The Stone Marten Hibernate?

When the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, the marten retreats to warm and dry hiding places during the day. No matter whether garage, shed, carport, car or attic: Protected it must be.

The stone marten loves to nest near human settlements. Because here he finds food much easier to survive the cold winter.
You will hardly ever see the stone marten. He is shy, cunning and avoids humans. It is also nocturnal.

Only with the help of a wildlife camera with night vision mode you can track him. Depending on where you suspect the marten to be in the house or on the property, you should install the camera.

Change the position of the camera every few days (attic, shed, garden house, garage, etc.) to find out where the marten has built its nest.

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The SECACAM HomeVista Full HD* with night function has proven itself.

When is the stone marten active in winter?

The stone marten is active in winter when it begins to dawn. He is a nocturnal animal (at any time of the year).
Although it does occasionally rest at night during the winter, this does not prevent it from preying under cover of darkness.

At what time of year is the marten active?

The marten is active at any time of the year. This is exactly the problem. Since, unlike other native wild animals, it does not hibernate, it is on the lookout for food all year round.

Especially in summer (June – August), the mating season of martens, the wild animals cause immense damage to cars.

Martens are solitary animals and only meet in the warm season to breed. Their young are not born until the following spring.

Is there a threat of damage from martens in winter?

Yes, even in winter there is a risk of damage from martens. Although the probability is somewhat lower than in the warm season, you can not be sure.
Since it is cold outside, he wants to sleep protected and dry during the day.

Both your car, your house and hiding places on your property offer the marten excellent opportunities to nest.

Not only do they eat away at the insulation under your attic, they also leave foul-smelling droppings and urine traces that are difficult to get rid of.

Do martens make noise in the attic?

Yes, martens do make noise in the attic. If you hear scratching noises at night, be sure to investigate. Some people also report that martens make a noise at night that reminds them of a bowling alley. Sleeping was out of the question.

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If a marten has nested in your house or on your property, it can also be really expensive and exhausting for you.

Costs in the four-digit range are no rarity, which are caused by martens! Immediate use of repellents such as the Yipin ultrasonic animal repellent against martens* is recommended.
Do I have to drive out martens in winter?
Yes, you have to drive away martens even in winter. Regardless of the season, they eat away at the structure of houses, sheds and garden sheds. They cause damage to car engine compartments and contaminate walls and floors with their excrement.

This can even be dangerous for your health!

If you have the justified suspicion that a marten has nested with you, act immediately to minimize the damage! As a first measure you can use a marten repellent spray*.

Why do martens bite cables in cars?

If a marten was in your car and marked it with its glandular secretion, you will have real problems.

Because if another marten comes, he will try to remove the scent and make the territory his own by spreading his scent as well.
Out of anger about the marking of the foreign marten, the resident marten can go into a biting frenzy, which can cause serious damage!

He will possibly devastate the complete engine compartment: cables, insulation and hoses are almost always bitten completely!


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