Does Urea Work Against Weeds?

Does Urea Work Against Weeds?

Does urea work against weeds?

One of the frequently recommended home remedies against pesky weeds is urea. In this article, we look at the effect on plants, as well as whether the agent is allowed to kill weeds in the home garden.

What is urea?

Urea is a white, water-soluble substance. It is an excretory product formed during protein metabolism in vertebrates. Urea consists of almost 50 percent nitrogen, a level that even high doses of artificial fertilizers cannot achieve.

Worldwide, urea is the most commonly used nitrogen fertilizer. You can obtain the product under the name fertilizer urea or urea in specialized stores.

Why is nitrogen fertilized and does it work against weeds?

Nitrogen is called the “engine of growth” because it strongly influences it, provided that the necessary nutrients are present in sufficient quantities. Well supplied with nitrogen lawn becomes dark green and dense, grows quickly and forms more leaves.

Indirectly, therefore, urea can certainly suppress weeds, as the other plants thrive better.

What are the side effects?

In the home garden, however, the disadvantages of this fertilizer outweigh the disadvantages:

  • Urea has an acidifying effect on the soil.
  • Pure urea fertilizer does not contain nutrients such as potassium, phosphate or lime. These must be substituted by other fertilizers.
  • This makes targeted fertilization quite complicated for the layman.

Is urea suitable for weed control?

Since urea is a fertilizer, the desired effect can be reversed. Instead of strengthening plants and suppressing weeds, weeds that adapt quickly to conditions thrive more.

Because of the difficulty of finding the right mixing ratio, you should leave urea fertilization to the professionals. This is also the reason why this fertilizer is mainly used in commercial cultivation.

So how do I get rid of my weeds?

Mechanical weed removal (weeding) is the most environmentally friendly method.
You should also keep your hands off home remedies such as salt when removing weeds, as their use is prohibited by law.

A proven remedy that works very well is boiling water against weeds.
To prevent weeds from sprouting, a protective layer of mulch is suitable.

Assign weeds a permanent place in the garden and allow them to grow there undisturbed. Many weeds are important for the ecological balance, valuable bee food and offer butterfly caterpillars a protected place to pupate.

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