Fertilize Basil Properly For Best Growth And Full Flavor

Basil is truly not a food lover. Unlike other types of herbs, the nutrient requirements are at a high level. How to fertilize the king herb professionally in the bed and pot.

Basilikum düngen

Do not let basil starve in the bed

In terms of nutrient requirements, basil, as a heavy grower, is out of the ordinary among culinary herbs. In order to achieve the desired growth, the soil should first and foremost be humus-rich and nutritious. Of course, this is only an important starting condition, because in the course of the growing season, an additional supply of nutrients in the bed is indispensable. Here’s how to do it right:

  • From May to September weekly compost and horn shavings administer. Every 14 days additionally granulated cattle manure into the planting soil work in
  • Rake and water in the dosage of 100-120 grams per square meter
  • A thin layer of coffee grounds every now and then provides basil with nitrogen and keeps slugs away

In this combination of various organic fertilizers can be dispensed with the addition of mineral complete fertilizer. Such preparations on a chemical basis are anyway frowned upon on spice plants in the hobby garden, as in this case nitrate could be deposited in the leaflets.

Fertilizing royal herbs organically in pots – this is how it’s done.

In the narrowly limited substrate volume of a plant pot, the nutrient supply becomes even more important than in the herb bed. In order for the spice plant to develop its full potential, the amount of fertilizer consumed must be adequately balanced. A little tact is required here, because overfertilization also has a counterproductive effect. This is how you handle the issue skillfully:

  • Supply basil in the tub weekly with organic liquid fertilizer.
  • Alternatively, press guano fertilizer sticks (5,00€ at Amazon*) into the substrate in May and July
  • When planting in pre-fertilized substrate, fertilize for the first time after 4-6 weeks at the earliest.
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Basil on the balcony is also grateful for an additional dose of coffee grounds every 4 weeks. Here it should be remembered that coffee grounds lower the pH value and should not be applied too frequently.

Tips & Tricks
If you do not sow basil, but buy it as a ready-made plant, the following principle has top priority: immediately pot out purchased basil at home, divide it into 3 segments and plant them individually in nutrient-rich compost-based substrate. Otherwise, the joy of the herb plant will last no more than a week.


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