Freeze Fresh Coriander To Preserve Its Aroma

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The aroma-rich coriander season is over in no time at all. So that the spicy pleasure continues after the last harvest, expert chefs freeze the fresh leaves without further ado. How it works extra gently, we explain to you here.

Koriander einfrieren

How to freeze coriander stem by stem.
During freezing, the tissue cells of coriander lose their structure, so that the spice plant has a mushy consistency after thawing. While the law of physics at work here cannot be reversed, it can be mitigated a bit with a trick. The following instructions show how the coriander stalks do not stick together and can be removed individually:

  • immediately after harvesting, clean the cilantro under running water
  • dry on a kitchen towel or grid
  • spread the stalks out on a baking tray without them touching each other
  • pre-freeze in the quick freezer compartment of the deep freezer

Freeze Fresh Coriander To Preserve Its Aroma

Once the stems with the leaves are frozen hard, they are decanted into freezer bags and stored in the freezer to save space. In this way, they can be taken out individually to act as seasoning in soups or salsa.

Freeze in a bag in no time – this is how it works
If you want to save yourself the detour via the quick freezer, freeze coriander in bunches. After washing, pat the herb bundles as dry as possible with a cloth. Stuffed into a sturdy freezer bag, they go into the freezer. Here, the bunches of cilantro will keep for 6 months. To prepare, open the bag and break off a piece to add to the hot dish.

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Freeze coriander oil paste – the delicious version.

The soggy texture of cilantro after thawing cannot be avoided. So why not make a virtue out of necessity? In the following recipe, a delicate cilantro paste goes into the kitchen pot after freezing. Here’s how it works:

  • harvest and wash the coriander leaves
  • dry them carefully so that the paste does not get watered down
  • put them in the food processor and chop them
  • while the machine is active, add 60 milliliters of olive oil per 100 grams of cilantro
  • optionally use another cooking oil or just water

First, pour the finished paste into the compartments of an ice cube tray and freeze everything. So that the tray is not occupied for months, remove the cubes of cilantro and put them in a freezer can. Label before final freezing and use within 3 months.

Tips & Tricks
No freezer in the house or no time to freeze? Then you still don’t have to do without spicy cilantro enjoyment in winter. Simply plant Vietnamese coriander in a pot, as this plant has the ability to overwinter indoors. In a warm, sunny location, the herb plant consistently provides fresh leaflets with a lovely coriander aroma.


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