What Cilantro Is Suitable For Perennial Growing?

Native to the Mediterranean region, coriander delights both hobby gardeners and gourmets with its multifaceted benefits. The spice plant, however, is not able to come up with winter hardiness. Here we tell you how you can nevertheless cultivate it for several years.

Koriander mehrjährig

This variety of cilantro thrives for several years.
True coriander thrives as an annual even in its warm native regions. After flowering in June and July, the plant stops growing in order to invest all its energy in the coveted seeds. As a result, it dies and no amount of loving care can induce it to sprout again.

Not so the Vietnamese coriander. Botanically assigned to the knotweed family, this herb plant has the necessary power reserves for perennial cultivation. Its leaves contain the aroma of coriander leaves, which is as sweet as it is peppery. Frost resistance is not one of its attributes; however, when put in the right winter quarters in time, it continues to grow, unlike true coriander. What do botanical quibbles matter?

This is how the wintering succeeds
Throughout the summer, Vietnamese coriander sets decorative accents on the balcony thanks to its pink blossoms. Creative amateur gardeners like to plant the tropical herb plant in the hanging basket (19,00€ at Amazon*) and thus kill two birds with one stone. So that the harvest of the aromatic leaves can be continued during the cold season, the spicy plant relocates in time to the winter quarters.

Put away Vietnamese coriander from outside temperatures below 10-12 degrees Celsius.

  • place in a warm south window at temperatures of 18-22 degrees Celsius
  • water regularly when the substrate surface has dried out
  • every 6-8 weeks pamper with organic liquid fertilizer
  • With this form of overwintering, you will continue to harvest the delicate leaves. Alternatively, carry the herb plant to a bright, cool place. At temperatures of 5-10 degrees Celsius, the perennial coriander stops growing. Next spring, the plant will sprout again when moved to a sunny windowsill.
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Tips & Tricks
In addition to the classic Vietnamese coriander, another herb plant from Vietnam, ‘Vap Ca’, is making a splash. The leaves are also reminiscent of the taste of coriander and have a pleasant lemony scent. Most importantly, this member of the genus Houttuynia is a hardy plant species.


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