Gardening According To The Lunar Calendar – What Is It?

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Many gardeners swear by taking the lunar calendar into account when gardening. We explain whether gardening according to the lunar calendar can be worthwhile for you.

The moon undeniably has a great influence on life on earth. For example, it determines the tides and is responsible for sleepless nights when the moon is full, at least according to many people concerned.

Gardening According To The Lunar Calendar - What Is It?

It is also said to have an influence on plant growth: Many gardeners swear by gardening according to the lunar calendar.

Gardening according to the phases of the moon

When gardening by the lunar calendar, different qualities and influences on plant growth are attributed to the phases of the moon. The phases of the waxing and waning moon are further subdivided.

A lunar cycle lasts a total of 28 days. The lunar phases describe the transformation that the moon undergoes within this cycle: Starting from the new moon, the moon slowly increases again until it is full and round as a full moon in the sky. Then the moon decreases again until finally it is new moon again.

Gardening at new moon

The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle. When gardening according to the lunar calendar, one now performs actions that help plants develop new vigor.

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This includes cutting back and removing diseased or dead plants and plant parts. According to popular belief, at new moon the energy of the plant is completely collected in the roots, so even radical pruning will not hurt.

Measures to control pests on the above-ground parts of the plant also show particularly good results now and optimally prepare the plant for the growing period during the waxing moon.

Gardening during the waxing moon

In popular belief, the waxing moon primarily affects the parts of plants that are above ground. Thus, plant sap is said to be attracted to the moon and growth is stimulated.

The waxing moon is therefore a good time to attend to all plants that bear above-ground fruit or whose above-ground plant parts are to be harvested, such as leeks, tomatoes, cabbage and cucumbers.

The waxing moon is also the best lunar phase to sow or plant these very plants. Peas should be sown on a waxing moon just before the full moon.

The first half of the waxing moon is also particularly good for harvesting, as the fruits are especially full and juicy now.

Gardening at full moon

During the full moon, the moon’s influence on the garden is considered strongest. Now is the right time to fertilize the plants, because nutrients are now particularly well absorbed.

However, you should refrain from cutting hedges, bushes, roses and similar woody plants during the full moon. Other plants also tolerate pruning less well during a full moon.

Herbs are an exception: they should be harvested during a full moon, as their healing power is said to be greatest at that time.

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Gardening during the waning moon

Right after the full moon, however, is already the best time to cut back roses. While the moon is waning, you can also cut back all other trees and shrubs.

Otherwise, the time of the waning moon is ideal for everything that takes place underground, because according to popular belief, the plant juices are now concentrated on the roots of the plant.

Now is the time to plant and sow root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes or celery. Other plants also grow especially well when planted during the waning moon.

If you have pests in your garden, the waning moon is a good time to take pest control measures. Weeds are also easier to remove now and more sustainable.

Gardening according to the lunar calendar – what’s the point?

Opinions differ on the question of whether taking the phases of the moon into account makes a difference in the garden. While some swear by the effect of the moon and attribute flowering and bountiful harvests to the lunar calendar, others take a more skeptical view.

However, it is undeniable that gardening according to the lunar calendar leads to the garden being regularly tended and cared for. Since the phases of the moon are always repeated, the plants are thus regularly cared for and necessary gardening tasks are not so easily forgotten. And this is good for any garden – regardless of the influence of the moon.


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