Gardening: The Method To Remove All Traces Of Dirt Under Your Nails

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:49 pm

In gardening, working with the soil and being in contact with it is a great pleasure. So, lovers of beautiful things that grow do not mind putting their hand in the heart of the soil to take care of their seedlings … all without putting on gloves! After that, the hands and especially the nails are covered with dirt and are not in the best condition overall. To get your hands and nails back in pristine condition, there’s a super-simple tip that both amateur and seasoned gardeners won’t be able to live without.

What you need:

1) Get your flour bag and pour some of it into a ramekin or bowl.

Gardening: The Method To Remove All Traces Of Dirt Under Your Nails

2) You can then dip your hands in it: the flour will absorb the moisture in the soil and make it easier to remove. This trick works a bit like a mud stain on textiles: it’s much easier to deal with it after you let it dry!

3) Then just brush your nails and wash your hands. The dirt will be gone in no time!

You can also use very fine flour to do this trick, but flour is still the most economical option and therefore the one we advise you to use.


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