How To Cut The Taxus Hedge Straight

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There are few hedge plants that can be pruned into a tight, straight shape as well as the Taxus. In a formal garden, these Taxus hedges can often be found. Sometimes, however, they are cut especially straight and tight, so that one is already amazed at how the garden owner must have managed it. However, you can realize such a perfect result in your garden. As an amateur gardener, you do not have much experience? No problem! With our tips, you will soon have a particularly symmetrical Taxus hedge in your garden.Taxus straight cut: this is how it’s done.

How To Cut The Taxus Hedge Straight
You can then use a hand hedge trimmer or an electric hedge trimmer: it’s up to you.

The right pruners

When you trim a hedge, the result depends mainly on whether or not you use good pruners. The right pruners are clean and sharp: this will give you the best results. Also, have your pruners sharpened from time to time: you will benefit from this. When trimming the Taxus hedge, you first need a good hedge trimmer. You can then use a hand hedge trimmer or an electric hedge trimmer: it’s up to you. Both devices are equally good. Select exactly the hedge trimmer that you are most comfortable with.

How To Cut The Taxus Hedge Straight
If you continue to take good care of the taxus, then its top condition can be maintained.

When can I prune the Taxus?

How To Cut The Taxus Hedge Straight

The Taxus is not a demanding conifer: it can be pruned all year round. Ideally, you should cut your Taxus hedge sometime between May and September, but sooner or later is fine. If you continue to take good care of the Taxus, then its top condition can be maintained. However, be sure to prune it on a cloudy day or after the sun has set. If this is not done, then the Taxus leaves, which are particularly sensitive after cutting, can get burned quite quickly by the sun’s rays. You should also not cut the Taxus at temperatures below freezing. But what about the possible uses of the yew tree? Here we present five interesting uses of the yew tree.

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How to make the taxus straight and symmetrical when cutting.

After planting a Taxus hedge, it’s all about cutting around a Taxus into a straight shape. It is then a skill that you can learn. The more often you do it, the more experience you will get. However, some garden owners are sometimes more skilled than others. That doesn’t matter, though. Using a pair of hand hedge clippers, cut the very thickest branches at the top of your hedge first. After that, start cutting back around the sides of your hedge. Then, always cut from the bottom up. Your hedge should remain slightly wider at the bottom than at the top, so that the result has a cone-like shape. This way, your whole hedge will always get enough daylight when viewed from top to bottom, and the leaves of the Taxus hedge will be equally pretty everywhere.

Are you an absolute beginner when it comes to cutting Taxus hedges? Then you can also stretch a straight string or rope along the hedge. In this way, you will then cut the top of the Taxus hedge exactly along this string and then you will get a symmetrical result. In the meantime, take a look at the Taxus hedge from a certain distance every now and then: this will help you to quickly determine whether everything is going well and whether everything is also going as desired. Accept beginner’s mistakes and correct them if necessary. Over time, you will see that you are becoming more skilled when it comes to trimming your Taxus hedge. Cutting taxus: little work, beautiful result.

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How To Cut The Taxus Hedge Straight
After cutting the Taxus hedge, also always immediately dispose of pruning waste.

Other tips for trimming a Taxus hedge

There are also a few other things to keep in mind when trimming a Taxus hedge. Also, always wear appropriate gardening gloves when trimming Taxus plants. This is because the Taxus is a poisonous hedge plant. You may prefer to wash your hands well after cutting the Taxus hedge, but if you want to act with a free hand in the garden, then wearing gloves is indispensable, because then you are also working with sharp tools. After cutting the Taxus hedge, always dispose of the pruning waste immediately as well. You can also have this pruning waste collected by the Taxus Taxi: this is a company that ensures that the cut Taxus branches are processed into anti-cancer drugs.

In addition, fertilizing your Taxus hedge is extremely important to keep the hedge plants healthy and strong. Use a special taxus, conifer or hedge fertilizer for this purpose. Do you have acidic soil in your garden? Then it is recommended to mix your soil with extra lime from time to time as well. This is because the Taxus cannot tolerate acidic soils very well. Fertilizing your Taxus hedge is best done twice a year: ideally in early March and early June. In this way, your Taxus hedge will then also benefit optimally from the extra minerals and nutrients during the growing season. But which Taxus varieties actually fit into your garden?


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