Ground Ivy Is An Edible Medicinal Plant

Ground ivy is also called earth ivy or creeping ivy because it looks very similar to the climbing plant. Unlike ivy, however, ground ivy is edible. The leaves are edible raw and can also be used as a seasoning herb in the kitchen. What kind of food does ground ivy go with?

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Use as a seasoning herb in the kitchen.
The leaves of ground ivy have a slightly pungent flavor reminiscent of mint and also licorice. The aroma is quite strong, so the herb should be used sparingly when seasoning.

Ground ivy fits as a seasoning to all dishes that you can also season with thyme or mint. Ground ivy is popular as a seasoning for eggs, herb butter and curd dishes.

Chop the herb just before eating and add it fresh over the food. You should only cook with dried leaves.

Ground ivy leaves in salads
The leaves of the common grapevine contain a lot of vitamin C and are edible raw as a salad. They go especially well with salads made from wild herbs. You can combine different herbs as you like.

Enjoy Ground ivy as a tea
You can infuse ground ivy leaves as a tea, just like any other herb. To do this, brew one tablespoon of finely chopped or dried leaves with boiling water. Let the tea steep for five to ten minutes and then strain the leaves.

Ground ivy tea tastes aromatic and boosts metabolism.

When is Ground ivy harvested?
Ground ivy is harvested fresh from April to July or even longer. The plant with its pretty purple flowers can be found in meadows, along forest edges and in some gardens. Unfortunately there is a risk of confusion with

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Red deadnettle
Lesser burnet
Common Whitethistle.
If you are not sure which plant you are looking at, rub the leaves between your fingers. Groundsel gives off a slightly pungent odor reminiscent of mint.

Cut the whole herb, including the flowers. If the leaves remain on the stem, Ground ivy can be dried very well to be used later as a tea or spice.

Ground ivy contains essential oils, tannins and bitter substances. The plant is used in naturopathy as a medicinal herb for purulent inflammations and internally for respiratory diseases and metabolic problems. The effectiveness of the ground ivy has been scientifically proven.


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