Oregano: Use In The Kitchen And As A Medicinal Herb

The oregano is a vigorously growing and wonderfully fragrant seasoning herb that is indispensable in our kitchen. Harvest the oregano preferably during or shortly after the flowering period, which lasts from June to August. At this time, you can cut the oregano back to about a hand’s width above the ground. To get the full flavor, it is recommended that you process the oregano quickly.

Oregano Verwendung

The typical aroma
Oregano contains numerous essential oils and phenols, which are responsible for the strong spicy taste of the herb. They are also attributed an antibacterial effect, which makes oregano a valuable medicinal herb.

Oregano – the spice of the south.
The strong aroma of oregano harmonizes perfectly with all herbs and spices used in Mediterranean cuisine. Dost, as oregano is also called, is the pizza spice par excellence. Oregano gives many southern dishes such as tomato sauce or mussaka their unmistakable aroma. However, it not only goes well in summer dishes, but also adds an interesting touch to a hearty potato stew.

Throughout the summer, you can season these dishes with the freshly plucked leaves and flowers of oregano. Add the herb to dishes at least fifteen minutes before the end of cooking time.

Process fresh oregano
Freshly harvested oregano tastes somewhat milder than dried and conjures up a pleasant note in dishes. The aromatic, edible flowers make a lovely decoration for southern dishes. They can be consumed without hesitation.

Shelf life
You can store freshly cut oregano in a plastic container or a keep-fresh bag in the refrigerator for a few days. Like many other herbs, oregano can be frozen.

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Drying oregano
Oregano is one of the few herbs whose flavor intensifies when dried. The best time to process oregano in this way is during or shortly after flowering, as this is when it tastes most intense.

Always dry the whole branches of the herb, loosely tied together and hung overhead. Then, reel the leaves and flowers off the stems and store the oregano in tightly closed containers in a dark place.

Tips & Tricks
Oregano is an excellent remedy for relieving colds. An infusion of tea or a bath with dost has an expectorant and expectorant effect and relieves annoying coughs.


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