Growing Popcorn From Start to Finish

Today I’ll be sharing the whole process of growing popcorn from start to finish including starting popcorn seeds, how to care for the plants, harvesting and even popping your own pop corn. There are many amazing varieties of popcorn out there to try and today I’ll be growing an heirloom variety called Strawberry Popcorn. This variety is great for small gardens as it only grows to around 5 ft. tall, and it produces small red ears of popcorn which look pretty amazing. The kernels are small on this variety but they still pop well and the corn can also be ground and used to make flour, cornmeal and polenta. Next time I’m planning to try glass gem corn which have full sized, and multicolored kernels – they look pretty epic! I hope you enjoy this popcorn growing guide, and have a go planting your own pop corn in the garden! 🙂

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