Asimina Triloba (American Paw Paw) Grow in Freezing Temperatures

Today we explore this incredible fruit that looks tropical but grows in freezing temperatures. We’ll be tasting Asimina triloba (American Paw paw) and growing them from seed to plant in the garden. We’ll also discuss some growing tips and other information about this amazing fruit, like flowers and pollination and growing from seed, or from grafted trees. The Asimina triloba that grows in a cold, temperate climate is also known as American Paw paw (pawpaw) and is one of the largest fruits native to North America including areas of Southern, Eastern and Midwestern United States. This delicious, cold hardy fruit tastes like a mixture of mango, banana, cherimoya and other sweet exotic fruits but is also quite unique in flavour.

It grows in the temperate regions of USDA Hardiness Zones 5-9 and survives freezing temperatures as low as -25 to -30 degrees C, or -13 to -22 F. It is an understory tree that likes shade when young but handles more sun as it matures. It can grow in areas that have a much more mild Winter too. This fruit is related to annona species which includes fruits like custard apple, cherimoya, soursop and rollinia. American paw-paw is also known as wild banana, American custard apple, Kentucky banana, Michigan banana, Missouri banana, and the poor man’s banana.