How Do I Keep Ants Out Of My Dishwasher?

It is not unusual for ants to find their way into the kitchen. Once they have found the trail to a sweet food source, they spread a scent that attracts more ants. The ant trail is formed and quickly the small animals can be found in large numbers in your kitchen.

On the other hand, it might be inexplicable if the ants mainly stay in the dishwasher. Do you notice the little animals there and do not know how they got there? Find out in what way to fight the ants in the dishwasher.

Why do ants get into the dishwasher?

Ants are constantly in search of food. To do this, they swarm out of the nest in large numbers and go in search of it in the near and far surroundings. They are mainly attracted by sweet foods. This includes, for example, the cake, which was forgotten on the garden table or the lemonade, which is openly standing around.

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If you have just put the dishwasher away, there will still be food leftovers on the plates. The leftovers may hardly matter, but they are enough for the ants to serve as an ample food source.

In their search for the food source, the ants proceed randomly. A large number of “scouts” swarm out, striking at a find and making their way back to the nest. On this way they leave a scent, which shows the other ants the way to the food source.

Ants are so small and agile that they can find even the smallest openings to get into a closed dishwasher. To protect yourself from the ants, you should not leave the dishwasher open. Nevertheless, a closed machine does not provide 100% protection.

How can you prevent ant infestation?

Once an ant trail has formed, it is usually too late. Now you have to take tougher measures to fight the pest. It is better to prevent the ants from getting into the dishwasher in the first place. To do this, you should take the following tips to heart.

Wash off food residues

The dishwasher offers the luxury of cleaning dishes on its own. However, this doesn’t mean that after eating, you should just put the plates in the machine. It is better to dispose of the food residues beforehand. If possible, without food leftovers on the plate, the dishwasher will be less attractive to ants and they will not find themselves there.

Check old pipes

It can happen that ants find their way into the dishwasher through old pipes. As a layman it is hardly possible to control this. If you have been fighting the ants for a long time without success, you should call in a specialist. He will examine the pipes and can better assess whether they are the cause of the ant infestation.

Keep the dishwasher closed

If you have just put the plates into the machine, the smell of the remaining food could attract the ants. To avoid this, you should keep the dishwasher closed and rather start the machine more often. This way you avoid that the dirty dishes stand for several days and attract the ants.

Fighting the ants in the dishwasher

If you have discovered the ants in the dishwasher, the horror is great. Because, in fact, you do not want the ants to find themselves on the dishes. To get rid of the ants, you have several defense measures at your disposal.

Ant bait

If you see ants running around in the kitchen, you can use special ant baits. These are sealed bait boxes that contain both the ant poison and an attractant. The openings are so small that only ants can get inside. There they absorb the poison and bring it to the nest. In the nest, the active ingredient spreads and causes the colony to die within a few days. In this way, effective control of ants is possible and in the dishwasher they will not spread.

Ant spray

If there are only isolated ants in the kitchen and dishwasher, the use of an ant spray can prove effective. This acts immediately against the ants and prevents the formation of an ant trail. However, the nest remains untouched. So it may happen that ants stray into your kitchen and dishwasher every now and then. The ant spray is not a long-term solution.

Baking soda

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For ants, the ingestion of the baking soda is fatal. The baking soda changes the pH of the ants in such a way that they do not survive. Add a small amount of the baking soda to the machine before the next rinse cycle and watch the ants die from it. However, this method also has the disadvantage that the actual nest is not combated. Thus, ants can again get lost in the dishwasher.

Fighting ants in the dishwasher

For ants, the dishwasher is similarly attractive as the refrigerator. Attracted by the food leftovers, a large number of the animals can gather there after a short time. What is advantageous for the ants is less practical for cleaning the dishes. This is because the ants can gather on the plates or cups even after the dishes have been washed and contaminate them.

The best way to prevent an infestation is to avoid any food debris on the dishes. Dispose of them before putting the plates in the machine and do not provide a food source for the ants.

If the ants have already taken up residence, spreading ant bait will prove effective. Place the bait cans where the ants prefer to be found. Then from there they carry the poison to the nest and the entire colony is killed.

Thus, the problem was solved in the long term and the ants will no longer seek the way into your dishwasher so quickly.

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