How Do You Make A Self Watering System From A Plastic Bottle?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:48 pm

Gardening isn’t just for those with large gardens anymore, and more and more people are taking the plunge in a small garden, patio or balcony. And just because the space is smaller doesn’t mean you can’t use great methods to make it work. Sometimes you just have to be creative to get what you want!

That’s what we did by creating a very clever irrigation system that allows her plants to be watered perfectly, especially at the roots (the area that needs it most). Here is her technique.

What you need:

How Do You Make A Self Watering System From A Plastic Bottle?

A bin like those used for recycling (or several) with holes in a few places to have drainage holes in case of excess water or rain
4 plastic milk bottles (1 or 2 liters)
1 large water bottle
Cutter & pen


1) With a cutter, make holes on one side of her milk bottles. This will be the part that will be closest to the roots of the plant.


2) In one side, make bigger holes (big enough to let the neck of another milk bottle through but not too big either.


3) On the side opposite to the side with the small holes, make a slit so that the water accumulated at the bottom can enter.


4) It’s time to assemble everything. The milk bottle necks fit into the large holes made.


5) One of the milk bottles will serve as the entry point for the water. You need to create a hole big enough to let the water bottle through.

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The assembled system looks like this:


All that’s left to do is to put everything in place!
1) put soil at the bottom of the tank.


2) then put in irrigation system.


3) All that remains is to cover with soil and plant.


The final result



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