How Do You Repot An Aloe Vera Step By Step?

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In order for your aloe vera plant to enjoy healthy growth, it is very important that you repot it from time to time in a new pot with fresh soil. But when exactly is the right time and how often does the plant actually need to be repotted? This is exactly what we want to explain to you in our article. Repot your Aloe Vera! This is our topic. Because nothing is more important than the right care for houseplants and this includes repotting them.

At what time of year should you repot your aloe vera?

In principle, aloe vera can be repotted at any time, except when it is in bloom. However, the best time to repot is after winter. When you repot it between May and June. The sunlight and fresh soil with its nutrients will allow the aloe vera to reappear in a magnificent growth. Thus, repotting is the best condition for healthy and vigorous plant growth.

How Do You Repot An Aloe Vera Step By Step?

Of course, you can repot your plant in the fall or winter, for example, if you notice that the clay pot is cracked or the potting soil is depleted. Then you should not wait until spring, but immediately take the matter in hand!


How often do you need to repot your Aloe Vera?

Since the aloe vera plant is a fast-growing plant, it is important to repot it regularly. If you plant the plant every two to three years in a new pot, then that should usually be enough. Of course, if you notice that it would like to be repotted earlier, please do not hesitate and plant it in a new container. If you find the topic “repotting” exciting, then feel free to read our article “Repotting houseplants properly”.

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5 steps for repotting Aloe Vera

If the time has come to repot your Aloe Vera, then prepare a suitable pot and potting soil. To make repotting effortless at home, we have some tips that you should follow.

Step 1:
Before you repot your plant, do not water it for some time. This will allow the soil and root ball to dry out and make them easier to remove from the pot.

Step 2:
Now carefully lift the aloe vera out of its old pot. If you put on gardening gloves when repotting, the small light prickles won’t harm you.

Step 3:
Place your aloe vera in a larger container, which you have previously filled with a little sand and gravel.

Step 4:
Now you can fill the container with fresh new soil. Make sure that the root ball is completely covered.

Step 5:
After repotting, you should keep it out of the sun for a few days. Fertilizing is also not necessary.

Tip: If the long leaves of your aloe vera bend in one direction, you can support them with a wooden stick that you stick lightly into the soil.


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