Desert Rose: After Winter Is The Time To Repot!

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The overall expression makes the desert rose an exceptional specimen in local living rooms, balconies and terraces… Those who choose the desert rose, know that it is quite demanding. Every now and then it should also be repotted.

Wüstenrose umpflanzen

Spring – time to repot

Desert Rose: After Winter Is The Time To Repot!

Once the desert rose has come through the winter in good health and overwintering is slowly being completed around the end of February/beginning of March, it is the perfect time to repot.

It is important that you repot your desert rose before the new shoots appear. Then it is not yet fully in the juice, is still in the rest and therefore tolerates a repotting action best and usually unharmed.

Alternative: In early summer
If you have completely forgotten about repotting in the spring, you can repot the desert rose even later. The later timing is not ideal, but it is still an option. When the first flush of flowers has gone bye-bye, the desert rose can be repotted. This is usually the case in July.

How often is repotting necessary?
Basically, unlike other potted and container plants, it is only necessary to repot the desert rose every few years. The reason: the slow growth of this steppe plant. You can recognize the necessity of repotting by the fact that the roots of the plant are peeking out of the drainage holes of the pot.

Step by step into the new pot
Here we go:

Carefully remove the desert rose from the old pot
shake off old soil from the roots
if necessary, cut off dried up, rotten, old roots
create a new pot (with drainage holes!) with drainage
as substrate well suitable Cactus soil
or own mixture e.g. of sand, pumice, perlite (21,00€ at Amazon*) and potting soil
place desert rose in the center
cover with substrate
press down
After repotting, you should not cut the desert rose immediately. Wait with it – if at all – at least 4 weeks! It is also worth noting that you should not water the desert rose immediately after repotting in the spring. If, on the other hand, repotting is done in the summer, the plant can be watered.

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When repotting, keep in mind that the desert rose is poisonous. Therefore, it is better to wear gloves to protect your skin!


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