How Do You Take Care Of A Flamingo Plant?

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Flamingo flower is quite an unusual houseplant. Their actual flower is with them a long spadix, which is located in the middle of the beautiful and colorful bracts. As a houseplant, the flamingo flower is very trendy and ideal for plant lovers who like it tropical. Want to learn more about this wonder of nature? In the following article you will learn everything you need to know about flamingo flower care.

The history of the flamingo flower

The flamingo flower, also known as the anthurium, is originally from the rainforests of South and Central America. This houseplant has an incredibly pretty flower and is becoming increasingly popular for this reason. Strictly speaking, however, houseplants are anthurium hybrids, which would never occur like this in the wild. These hybrids were mostly bred from the species Anthurium andreanum (large flamingo flower) and Anthurium scherzerianum (small flamingo flower).

The different varieties of the flamingo flower

How Do You Take Care Of A Flamingo Plant?

Anthurium andreanum: This flamingo flower variety has an impressive size. Unfortunately, it does not have many, but very large and magnificent bracts. The leaves have a leathery texture and can grow up to forty centimeters long. The actual flowers are located in the middle of the bracts or bracts. They are

green, white salmon, pink or dark red. Because of its size, this variety is very rarely kept as houseplants. However, the flowers are perfect for the vase, as they can be kept for a very long time.

Anthurium Crystallinum: This variety has beautiful heart-shaped leaves and is therefore very decorative. These leaves can grow up to 55cm long and change color as they age. First they are metallic purple and in older plants they are emerald green. Anthurium Crystallinum is grown solely for its leaves. Its flowers are rather inconspicuous.

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Anthurium scherzerianum: Anthurium scherzerianum is very common in homes because of its size. It will fit on any windowsill because of its leaves, which are no more than 30cm in size, and its brilliant flowers will give your home that certain something.


The right location for the flamingo flower

Anthuriums or flamingo flowers need a bright location all year round. However, make sure that they do not get direct sunlight. If the anthurium gets too little light, the leaves will become long and thin. A room temperature of 20-25°C and high humidity will please them the most.

Flamingo flower care: this is how you succeed!

You are a little afraid of this houseplant because you think it is too demanding? With these tips you will definitely succeed in caring for the flamingo flower.

It does not always have to be soil

The soil plays an important role in the care of the flamingo flower. Here, a slightly acidic to acidic potting soil is suitable, which should be loose and well-drained. However, hydroponics is best suited here. Hydroponics has many advantages that make flamingo flower care all the easier. In our article planting hydroponics you can learn everything important about it.


Watering flamingo flower: Like in the rainforest

The soil of the anthurium should never dry out completely, but also not be too wet. It is also very sensitive to lime and should therefore be watered only with decalcified water. The warmth of the water used for watering is also very important. Make sure that the water is not too cold but room-warm.

Fertilize frequently for lush blooms

During the summer, the plant should be fertilized once a week. Fertilizing should be frequent, but moderate. Use half the concentration of liquid fertilizer for your watering. In our store you will find a very special liquid flower fertilizer, take a look.

Do you have to repot the flamingo flower?

Young plants are repotted every spring. Plants with a pot size of 25cm diameter do not need to be repotted, here it is sufficient to replace the top layer of soil annually.

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Tip: If you keep the flamingo tree in hydroponics, then it almost never needs to be repotted. It is better to wear gloves when repotting, as the leaves of the plant can cause reddening.

How to winter your flamingo flower properly

The temperature for overwintering the anthurium should be around 16-18°C. Cooler temperatures are especially important for the anthurium scherzerianum, as the cold stimulates flower formation. In winter, the amount of watering is also reduced, but the root ball is still kept slightly moist at all times. Fertilizing once a month is sufficient.

How to propagate your flamingo flower

After a healthy flamingo flower care it is big enough to propagate. If you want to do this, we advise you to divide the plant. Take the opportunity when repotting in spring. To do this, divide the root ball into sections with at least one leaf. Place the pot with the new plant warm and bright and keep the humidity high.

Tip: If the plant is still very small, you can put cling film over the pot to keep the humidity high. However, regular ventilation of the pot is important, otherwise mold can quickly form around it.


Is the flamingo flower poisonous?

All parts of the flamingo flower are poisonous to ingest, but mainly its leaves. Since this plant belongs to the arum family, it contains the pungent substance aroin. Particularly unpleasant, however, are the oxalate raphides, which are crystal-like needles that shoot out when the anthurium is touched, causing tiny skin lesions.

Signs of poisoning may include: severely reddened skin, swelling in the affected area, and blistering. After consumption, the tongue as well as the mucous membrane of the mouth may swell. Place your flamingo flower out of reach of children and animals.

The perfect room for your flamingo flower

An east or west facing window is ideal for the anthurium. Of course, you can also place it in a south-facing window, but you should soften the strong sun with curtains or other plants. Warmth and high humidity is just as dear to them. A nice bright bathroom came into question here or else the living room.

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Tip: To increase the humidity, you could put some water bowls in the room. And every now and then spray the leaves of your flamingo flower with low-calcium water.

Tips for problems with your flamingo flower

Despite a good flamingo flower care it gets green flowers, what could be the reason? It is not very uncommon for these bracts to turn greenish, usually this is more due to age. In order for your anthurium to have bright, beautiful flowers, the location must be bright enough. If your plant is placed at the windowsill and still doesn’t have gorgeous colors, then even this natural light is not enough for it. Try it with a plant lamp.

Tip: Unfortunately, you can often buy flamingo flowers that have been treated with hormones beforehand, which makes them bloom so beautifully white. After a certain time, however, the effect of the hormones wears off and the flowers become slightly greenish. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about this.


Now you don’t have to be shy about this tropical beauty, because flamingo flower care can be so simple. We recommend you plant the anthurium as hydroponics, it makes everything so much easier.


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