How Effective Is The Fruit Fly Spray?

Fruit flies are a nuisance at any time of year and even in winter they can spread quickly. If you have forgotten to put away the fruit for a short time or if you have left other food open, then the fruit flies can multiply and spread quickly.

If the first fruit flies have settled, then it will be very difficult to fight them effectively. With a fruit fly trap you can fight the small insects, but it takes some time until the full effect is shown and all flies are eliminated.

A fruit fly spray is much more effective and fights the fruit flies immediately.

If you want to fight the fruit flies immediately, then you should use the spray. How is this used and which spray is the best for your application?

Fruchtfliegen Spray

Against what animals the spray is effective

A special spray against fruit flies is currently not on the market. But to fight the small annoying insects, you can reach for a spray that generally makes short work of mosquitoes, flies or other smaller insects.

Because the spray is very versatile and works not only against fruit flies. Practical experience even shows that the well-known sprays can also be used against aphids. So, if you have problems with other smaller insects besides fruit flies, you can use the spray against them as well.

Especially in summer, when mosquitoes quickly become a nuisance, you can use such a spray to protect yourself from the bites. Mosquitoes, gnats and other annoying insects can be driven away in this way.

With this, you can enjoy evenings near your pond even in summer and not have to worry about being totally bitten.

The Neudorff fly spray

If you are looking for a particularly effective spray, then you can use the fly spray from Neudorff. Neudorff is already known as a manufacturer for means against insects. With the spray you have the possibility to kill the fruit flies immediately.

The application is very simple. The spray is sprayed on the places that like to be visited by the fruit flies. So you can spray the trash can with the spray or other walls nearby and as soon as the fruit flies come into contact with the agent, the effect starts.

The positive thing about this spray is that it is not only useful as an immediate action, but has a long-term effect of up to 6 weeks. So you can use the spray in the immediate fight against fruit flies and still benefit from the longer lasting effect.

When spraying in the kitchen, however, you should be a little more careful. Food should not come into direct contact with the spray. If you want to get rid of fruit flies and they are in the fruit, then you can use the spray, but the fruit should no longer be eaten.

Pyrethrin is used as the active ingredient. This is a contact poison that leads to the immediate death of the fruit flies. It is a neurotoxin that first causes severe excitation of the nervous system, then induces incoordination and ultimately leads to death. The lethal effect sets in within a few minutes and is very reliable in fruit flies.

However, pyrethrin is not only toxic to flies. In principle, it acts against all small insect species. Thus, beneficial insects such as bees are also affected by this agent. However, if you use the agent only at home in the closed apartment, there are no restrictions.

ARDAP Vermin Spray

If you do not want to trust the spray from Neudorff, then you can also switch to the remedy from ARDAP. This has outstanding customer reviews and over 1,600 people have spoken very positively about this spray.

The basic properties and application are the same as with the spray from Neudorff. You can spray the fruit flies directly or treat the surfaces with which the flies come into contact with this fruit fly spray. The agent must be applied until the surface appears slightly damp. This ensures that there is enough active ingredient to produce the lethal effect.

Permethrin is used as the active ingredient. This is a neurotoxin that generally attacks vermin. When used properly, there should be no side effects. However, in rare cases it can cause headaches, nausea or vomiting. Direct contact may also cause skin redness or irritation.

Natural fruit fly spray

If you do not want to rely on the chemical products, then you can try natural means. However, there are no means for this in the trade and you have to make them yourself. The effectiveness is therefore not necessarily given and it may be doubted that a noticeable success occurs. Nevertheless, it is worth a try.

Fruit flies react very irritated to certain smells and essential oils and can be driven away by them. You can take advantage of this by making a mixture that relies on this effect.

One remedy for fruit flies is vinegar. The smell of the vinegar should drive away the fruit flies. All you have to do is put a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the liquid on the surfaces. The fruit flies will avoid that surface and look for another place.

However, the fruit flies will not be killed. You may be able to protect certain areas in the kitchen this way, but the problem will only be displaced.

If vinegar is still not having the desired effect, then you can turn to other remedies. Here you can get a selection of essential oils that are said to be effective against fruit flies.

  • Oil from cinnamon leaves
  • Oil from catnip
  • Lavender oil
  • Oil of citronella
  • Clear vanilla oil
  • Rose geranium oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Tea tree oil

However, the essential oils should not be diluted with water anymore. In stores, they are already highly diluted and if you mix them additionally, the remedy will become ineffective.

What to consider when using the spray

If you use the first two fruit fly sprays, then the application is very simple and side effects are unlikely. However, you should still follow the application instructions.

This includes that you should ventilate the room after using the spray. Otherwise, taking the spray may cause headaches and mild drowsiness.

Likewise, if you have very sensitive and polished surfaces, you should perform a small test treatment. With a short spray, you can quickly see if the surface reacts negatively to the spray.

Only when there is no visible residue, you can carry out the treatment so that there is a visible wetness and the agent is sufficient for a long-term effect.

Where can the spray be used

One of the main areas of application is in the home. If fruit flies or other insects are present, you can treat tables or other surfaces with the spray and the insects will die within a very short time.

You can also protect furniture on the terrace and in the garden. If you are planning a garden party, you can use the product in advance to spray the wooden set. Any mosquitoes or flies that descend on the furniture will be killed by the agent.

The agents are also useful in agriculture. Farm animals can be massively stressed by flies and other insects. The spray does not kill the insects completely, but the number of annoying insects is reduced.

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