Properly Care For Lavender Tree

A lavender as a high trunk is a particularly unusual eye-catcher. Such a tree looks especially good in the most spacious possible container on the balcony or terrace. When it comes to care, the same rules apply to the lavender tree as to any other lavender plant.


A lavender with trunk?

The sight of a lavender tall trunk has a great attraction for many people, because the plant is known mainly as a lush growing shrub. Less well known, however, is that lavender is not a perennial (as is often assumed), but is classified as a semi-shrub. As such, the lavender lignifies with age and can also form a trunk with proper education. However, in order to prevent the lavender tree from “going wild” again and reverting to its natural growth habit, appropriate care and pruning measures are necessary.

Raising lavender tree as a bonsai

Just as lavender can be grown into a high trunk, the plant can also be made into a bonsai. However, it is necessary to proceed with a lot of tact and patience, because lavender is quite sensitive due to its actually quite widely branched and deep-reaching root system.

The care of the lavender high trunk
With regard to care, the same rules apply to the lavender tree as to any other lavender, after all, it is not a separate species, but only a lavender bush grown in a special way. In particular, the container must be as large as possible – unless you want to grow a bonsai, which, however, must also be carefully accustomed to the typical shallow bowls – because the roots of the lavender need a lot of space. Otherwise applies

  • sandy, nutrient-poor and loose substrate
  • little to no fertilizer
  • little, but regular watering
  • a full sun, sheltered location
  • prune twice a year
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Is the lavender tree hardy?

Whether or not the highbush is winter-hardy depends on the specific lavender variety from which it was grown. Only the true lavender is considered to be really winter-hardy, which is why it is the only one that should be planted out in the garden in Europe. In some milder regions (such as wine-growing regions), the winter-hardy Speiklavendel and Lavandin may also be planted outside in winter under shelter. All other varieties should be overwintered under cold-house conditions, otherwise they will freeze to death.

Tips & Tricks
Lavender is not very suitable as a houseplant. Therefore, if possible, the lavender tree should not be placed in the room, but is better off in the garden or on the balcony.


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