How Long After You Lay Turf Can You Walk On It?

How Long After You Lay Turf Can You Walk On It?

You want to rebuild your lawn, but do not want to wait long for results? Then you certainly resort to sod. This immediately after laying out shows a closed grass cover. The lush green surface tempts to walk on it directly. But is it allowed to do so? We tell you how long you should not walk on turf.

  • Immediately treadable, but not heavy loadable
  • Avoid walking on it during the first two weeks
  • completely useable after 6 to 8 weeks

New turf

Turf is a type of grass carpet that you lay in the garden. It is not artificial grass, but a living product. Turf is grown in special nurseries and can then be purchased at home improvement stores or online. The fresh product should be laid directly after purchase. It needs direct contact with the soil to take root. Turf requires less time than conventional turf to form a complete turf. Due to its lush green color, it quickly gives the impression that it can be fully used immediately. However, this is not the case.

Note: After laying out, you need to water the sod well for about 2 weeks. Water the lawn about 1 to 2 times a day so that it is always moist root deep. A sprinkler is ideal for this purpose.

When can you walk on turf?

In principle, turf is tread-proof immediately after installation. Careful walking is therefore possible. However, since the roots of the turf are only connected to the nutrient soil after 2 weeks, the turf is not yet load-bearing. Therefore, it should be absolutely spared in the beginning. In the first 1 to 2 weeks therefore applies:

  • Avoid walking on it if possible
  • only walk on turf when absolutely necessary
  • as few and large steps as possible
  • no heavy treading

After about 6 to 10 weeks the turf is fully rooted. This means that the turf is now fully loadable and can be played on in the normal way. The only thing that should not be done now is to walk on the turf during frost. This causes grasses to break off and promotes lawn diseases.

How Long After You Lay Turf Can You Walk On It?

Tip: You can easily check whether your lawn is already rooted by pulling blades of grass at the edge. If you can lift the turf, the roots are still loose.

Walking on the turf too soon

Any stress on the turf can cause damage. If the sod is loaded too much at the beginning, the roots will be pulled out of their positions again. As a result, they do not find a foothold in the growing medium. The turf then does not grow properly. This can have consequences

  • unsightly gaps in the lawn
  • possibly dents in the subsoil
  • levelling or closing of the holes is necessary
  • holes as an entry point for lawn diseases
How Long After You Lay Turf Can You Walk On It?

Note: The lawn mower is also the cause of some holes. Due to the moisture of watering, it can become too heavy and then leave marks in fresh turf. Therefore, allow the lawn to dry a bit before mowing.

Frequently asked questions

Can I walk on the turf while it is being laid out?

Yep. When laying out new sod areas, it’s probably impossible to avoid stepping on them. To minimize the damage, lay out boards in advance. The turf should be walked on only over these boards when laying the turf. After that, you can remove the boards.

Are my children allowed to play on the grass right after it is laid out?

No. To be on the safe side, you should wait the first two weeks before engaging in any active movement activities. However, you can walk across the lawn to the sandbox with your child or run across it with the dog.

When should sod be mowed for the first time?

Turf should be mowed only when it is already slightly rooted. This is the case after about a week. The blades are then about 6 cm long. You can now carefully shortened by a third with a lawn mower.

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