How Long Does it Take to Grow Carrots From Carrot Tops?

Growing carrots from carrot tops is a fun project, but it’s important to understand that regrowing carrots from their tops doesn’t result in full-sized, mature carrots. Instead, it allows you to grow carrot greens, which are edible and can add flavor to salads or garnishes. Here’s what to expect when regrowing carrot tops:

  1. Carrot Greens: When you regrow carrot tops, you’ll primarily be growing the green foliage of the carrot plant. These greens are quick to sprout and can be ready for harvest within a few weeks.
  2. Short Growth Cycle: Carrot greens are typically ready to harvest in about 2-4 weeks after regrowing from tops, depending on growing conditions.
  3. Leafy Greens: The result is a bunch of leafy greens that resemble parsley or cilantro in appearance. These greens are edible and have a mild carrot flavor.
  4. Continuous Harvest: Once you have regrown carrot tops, you can continue to harvest the greens as they grow, much like you would with other leafy herbs.
  5. Not Mature Carrots: Carrot tops regrown in this way do not produce mature carrot roots suitable for eating as you would with fully grown carrots.

If you’re looking to grow full-sized carrots, it’s best to plant carrot seeds directly in the soil or start with carrot seedlings. Regrowing carrot tops is a fun and educational activity, especially for kids, and it can provide fresh greens for culinary use. However, it should be done with the understanding that it won’t yield mature carrots.

Can store bought carrots be planted?

Store-bought carrots can be used to grow carrot greens or as a source of carrot seeds, but it’s important to understand that they may not be the best choice for growing full-sized carrots. Here’s how you can use store-bought carrots for different purposes:

  1. Growing Carrot Greens:
    • Carrot tops can be used to regrow carrot greens. Cut off the green tops (the leafy part) of the store-bought carrots, leaving about an inch of the carrot itself.
    • Place the cut carrot tops in a shallow dish of water, ensuring that the cut end is submerged. Keep the dish in a sunny location.
    • The carrot greens will start to regrow from the tops and can be harvested for their leafy greens. They can add flavor and a decorative touch to salads or garnishes.
  2. Harvesting Seeds:
    • You can allow store-bought carrots to bolt (produce flowers and seeds) in your garden. Carrot plants typically bolt in their second year.
    • Collect the seeds from the flowering carrot plants when they mature. These seeds can be used to grow new carrot plants.
  3. Planting Full-Sized Carrots:
    • While it’s possible to use store-bought carrots to grow new carrot plants, there are some challenges. Store-bought carrots are often treated to inhibit sprouting or may not be of the best quality for planting.
    • If you want to grow full-sized carrots, it’s generally recommended to use fresh, untreated carrot seeds or seedlings from a reputable garden supply source. This ensures better results and healthy plants.
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While growing carrot greens or harvesting seeds from store-bought carrots can be an interesting gardening project, if your goal is to grow a substantial crop of full-sized carrots, it’s advisable to start with high-quality carrot seeds or seedlings to achieve the best results.


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