Is it Too Late To Plant Carrots UK?

The best time to plant carrots in the UK typically falls between late March and early July, depending on your region and the specific climate conditions. However, it’s important to note that the optimal planting window can vary based on your local climate, garden zone, and the carrot variety you plan to grow. In some areas of the UK, planting can extend into August for a fall crop.

If you’re considering planting carrots in the UK and it’s after the recommended planting window, you still have some options:

  1. Autumn Crop: Depending on your location, you can plant carrots in late summer or early autumn for a fall harvest. Carrots often develop a sweeter flavor when exposed to cooler temperatures.
  2. Variety Selection: Choose carrot varieties that have shorter maturity dates. Some varieties are specifically bred for quicker growth and can be planted later in the season.
  3. Protected Environment: If you have a greenhouse or polytunnel, you may be able to extend the growing season and plant carrots later in the year.
  4. Overwintering: In milder regions of the UK, you can consider planting carrots in late summer or early autumn for overwintering. This involves protecting the carrots with mulch, straw, or row covers to keep them in the ground throughout the winter, harvesting them as needed.
  5. Microclimates: Some gardeners in the UK use microclimates to their advantage. South-facing or sheltered areas in your garden can have slightly different growing conditions that may allow for later planting.

Is it Too Late To Plant Carrots UK?

Before planting, be sure to check the specific guidelines for your region, the frost dates, and the recommended planting times for your chosen carrot variety. Keep in mind that carrots are a cool-season crop and prefer cooler temperatures for germination and early growth. Also, consider local weather conditions, and be prepared to provide protection in case of frost. With the right approach and variety selection, you can still enjoy a successful carrot harvest even if you’re planting later in the season.

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What are the easiest carrots to grow UK?

Carrots are generally easy to grow in the UK, and there are several carrot varieties well-suited for beginners and gardeners with limited experience. Here are some of the easiest carrot varieties to grow in the UK:

  1. Nantes: Nantes carrots are known for their sweet, tender, and crisp roots. They are relatively short and cylindrical in shape, making them easy to grow and harvest. Varieties like ‘Nantes Half Long’ are popular choices.
  2. Amsterdam Forcing: These carrots are often used for early, small carrot production. They have a smooth, round shape and are ideal for growing in containers or smaller garden spaces.
  3. Chantenay: Chantenay carrots have a shorter length and a distinctive conical shape. They are well-suited for heavier or clay soils and are more forgiving of less-than-ideal soil conditions.
  4. Autumn King: This is a popular variety for later-season carrot production. Autumn King carrots are larger and can handle colder temperatures, making them suitable for overwintering.
  5. Flyaway: Flyaway is a carrot variety specifically bred to resist carrot fly infestations. It’s a reliable choice for those concerned about pest issues.
  6. Early Nantes: Similar to Nantes carrots, Early Nantes varieties like ‘Early Nantes 5’ offer quick growth and are well-suited for early planting.
  7. Paris Market: These carrots are round and small, making them easy to grow and harvest. They are often used for baby carrots or for growing in containers.
  8. Atomic Red: This is a fun and unique variety with vibrant red-orange roots. Atomic Red carrots are easy to grow and add a pop of color to your garden.
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When choosing a carrot variety, consider factors like the time of planting, the size of your garden, and your personal preferences for flavor and shape. Keep in mind that while these varieties are generally easy to grow, proper soil preparation, good drainage, and consistent moisture are essential for successful carrot cultivation in the UK. Additionally, providing protection from pests, such as carrot flies, can help ensure a successful harvest.


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