How Much Water Does Basil Need?

Watering basil is a bit of a challenge. The popular plant is sensitive to the wrong amount of water. Here you can learn how much water the popular spice plant needs.

  • in watering needs spice plant has high requirements.
  • Garden owners should not water it too much and not too little
  • moisture on the leaves increases the risk of disease
  • in summer, daily watering is recommended, in winter the water requirement decreases

The right measure

The water requirement of the spice plant Ocimum basilicum is comparatively high. Nevertheless, the plant does not like waterlogging. Otherwise, the risk of fungi attacking the roots increases. As a result, the plant would die.

In addition, drought also poses dangers for plant growth. If you water the plant too little, you increase its susceptibility. Pathogens and pests can attack the basil more easily. The leaves wilt and are less tasty.

Tip: Preferably, grow the aromatic herb in a large pot. The more space the roots have, the better the water balance can regulate itself. Then the culinary herb will also forgive you if you have poured too little or too much liquid into the pot.

Depending on the season

Proper watering depends on the season. In summer, you should water your plants daily to prevent drought stress. This is especially true during the growing season. Basil needs adequate water to take root and grow. In late fall, the spice plant begins its dormant phase. With less activity, the need for water decreases. Consequently, daily watering is no longer necessary from then on.

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Spare the leaves

Basil is relatively sensitive. When watering, be careful not to dampen the leaves. Moisture can cause the development of leaf spot disease. Depending on the type of cultivation is suitable different watering method:

How Much Water Does Basil Need?
  • Pot: trivet for irrigation.
  • Outdoor: Watering close to the ground

When growing in pots, the culinary herb can be properly watered with the help of a trivet. Capillary forces ensure that water is drawn through the substrate. The basil is supplied with sufficient water, while at the same time the leaves are spared.

Frequently asked questions

What are basil's soil requirements?

When it comes to water requirements, the spice plant is not very forgiving. At the same time, the plant needs sufficient nutrients so that the leaves taste aromatic and delicious. A need-based and organic fertilization supports plant growth. Preferably, the plants get fertilization in the spring after the winter. The culinary herb needs sufficient nitrogen. The soil should be nutrient-rich and permeable.

Are there any special features when caring for the plant in a pot?

Basically, the same applies to cultivation in a pot as to cultivation in a garden bed. However, the root system of the plants in the pot is less pronounced. Consequently, water and fertilization are of greater importance, as there are fewer nutrients and moisture within reach.

What are the criteria for the location?


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