How Much Water Does The Oregano Need?

Oregano is a very robust and easy to care for plant, but it is somewhat sensitive to waterlogging. It is not quite as drought tolerant as, for example, rosemary or thyme and requires occasional watering in very dry summers.

Oregano gießen

When does oregano need water in the herb bed?

If you transplant young perennials into the garden, you should provide them with water regularly, especially in the first few weeks. Once the plant has become accustomed to outdoor conditions, you will rarely need to water oregano. It is sufficient to occasionally water the plant during prolonged periods of heat until the soil is thoroughly saturated with water.
Avoid waterlogging at all costs, as the heat-loving herb reacts to this with rot.

Oregano in a pot needs regular watering
You can cultivate oregano in a pot on the balcony or terrace in summer. Since the herb evaporates a lot of moisture through the leaves you need to water the potted plant daily during the hot summer weeks. Again, avoid waterlogging and pour away the water reserve in the saucer after a short time.

Tips & Tricks
Always plant oregano in a water-permeable soil mixture. This allows excess moisture to drain away quickly.


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