How to build a permaculture pond without a liner

How to build a natural, clay lined pond for wildlife and permaculture.
In this video I build a large pond with a small digger. The pond is placed at the top of the croft, so we can siphon water to any of the swales or the vegetable garden, as needed.
It’s a clay lined pond, so is a living part of the ecosystem that helps even out pulses in rainfall, storing water from major rain events and slowly releasing it to the landscape. It has a small island to increase ‘edge’, a key permaculture principle, and zones with different depths to allow diverse plantings of aquatic species that will keep the water healthy.
This pond was dug in three days with a small 2 ton digger, using 55 litres of diesel, coming in at a total cost under £300. You don’t need deep pockets to install substantial earthworks, you need permaculture design.