Renew Pond Liner – This Is How To Do It

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If the garden pond loses water, it is usually due to a damaged pond liner. Depending on the size of the holes, it is worth replacing the liner.

When does the pond liner need to be replaced?

If the pond liner is older than 15 years, it is worth to replace it completely. The liner is porous and the next holes will not be long in coming. If there is a desire to give the garden pond a different shape or to completely renovate the pool, the replacement of the liner is also necessary.

what material is suitable for renewal?

Renew Pond Liner - This Is How To Do It

The two most common types of pond liner are the variants made of PVC and EPDM. PVC liner has been on the market for a long time, while EPDM is a newer material made of synthetic rubber. The advantage of EPDM foils is the elasticity and robustness of the material.

when is repairing enough?

If the film is relatively new and the damage is not too severe, it is advisable to repair it instead of a complete renovation. Repairing the damaged areas is much less expensive than a complete renewal.

repairing holes in a PVC pond liner

To restore a defective PVC pond liner, it is suitable to use film patches and PVC pond liner glue. It is important that the patches are made of the same material as the rest of the liner. If the adhesive is applied according to the instructions and the patches are pressed firmly, this is an effective solution for patching holes.

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patching rubber films

EPDM films made of rubber require a four-component adhesive. The first step is to apply the bonding agent to the clean film. This is followed by a special double-sided adhesive tape, which is available in specialized stores. Finally, the pond patches are applied to this adhesive tape.

application of the patches

With both PVC and rubber sheeting, it is important that the new piece of sheeting overlaps the hole by about 20 inches on all sides. If the tear or hole was caused by a sharp object, remove it before applying the new film.

complete renovation – preparations

If the decision has been made for a complete renovation and renewal of the foil, preparations must be made. Existing fish must be evacuated for the appropriate period of time and the water must be pumped out. Silt that has accumulated at the bottom can be removed with a shovel.

removal of the old film

The easiest way to remove the old liner is to cut it into small pieces. Before laying the new pond liner, the pond surface is lined with a layer of sand about five centimeters thick. A garden pond fleece rolled out on top protects the new liner from stones and roots.

Laying the new pond liner

When spreading out the new liner, it is important that it overlaps the edges of the pond. A wallpaper roller is very good for smoothing out after laying. After the pond liner has been laid, the pond can be partially refilled with water. After that, the plant baskets are placed and the edges are fixed with stones.

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finalization of the restoration

After laying the curbs, the overlapping foil is cut off with a sharp knife. If the foil is still visible, it can be covered with small pebbles. Finally, the pond is completely filled and the fish are reintroduced.

possible costs

If mending is sufficient, there are no high costs. On average, PVC film is about five, EPDM film about ten euros per square meter. In addition, there are costs for the disposal of the old film and possibly newly purchased pond plants and curbs.


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