How To Care For Cucamelon (The Mexican Cucumber)

The fruits of the Mexican mini cucumber would pass for watermelons in the dollhouse. In the garden, they are a popular snacking vegetable. We show what’s important in caring for this high-yield crop.

  • Length of the fruit only two to three centimeters
  • taste similar to cucumber
  • attractive climbing plant
  • sunny location required
  • suitable for tub culture


The first time you see the fruits of Mexican mini cucumbers, you will be surprised. The fruits look like small melons on the climbing plant. They taste similar to cucumbers with a slight hint of lime. With its yellow flowers, the plant is an eye-catcher in the garden or on the balcony. From June to September, you can harvest countless of the grape-sized fruits that hang side by side on the vines like drops of water.

Tip: You do not have to peel the small cucumbers. They can be put straight into your mouth with the skin.


Mexican mini cucumbers (Melothria scabra) are annual climbers. They originate from Mexico and prefer a sunny to semi-shady, sheltered spot on the bed in our latitudes as well. Do not neglect to provide the fast-growing plant with a climbing framework or stretch netting. Plants can grow two to three feet long. The attractive plant is also excellent for culture in a container.

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mexikanische Minigurke

Tip: Undemanding mini cucumber can grow on the balcony in a hanging basket. The fast-growing shoots can be arranged decoratively hanging.


The soil for growing cucamelon should be well-drained, nutrient-rich and dry. A mixture of garden soil and fresh sifted compost perfectly meets the requirements of the plant. If you want to prepare the cucumber bed for spring already in autumn, dig fresh manure under it.

Note: Mexican mini cucumber does not cope well with cold weather. Do not plant it outdoors until after the icemen.


On dry days, Mexican mini cucumber needs additional watering. As with all cucumber plants, it is important to avoid waterlogging and wetting the leaves.


The cucamelon does not need to be fertilized. Treat the small plants to humus-rich, loose garden soil when you plant them out; no more nutrients are needed.


The annual plant of the cucamelon does not need to be pruned. However, if it becomes too long, you can safely shorten it.

mexikanische Minigurke


If you want to increase the yield, you can regularly prune the cucumber plants. Cucumbers are constantly forming new shoots. The aim of stubbing out is to use the power of the plant exclusively for the formation of new fruits and leaves. Remove shoots, flowers and buds in the lower part of the cucamelon. Pinch them out with your fingers. This will stimulate growth in the upper area. If the Mexican cucumber grows too large, you can remove the top. In this way, the growth in width will be accelerated.

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Note: Pinching out the shoots at the bottom will prevent fruit and leaves from lying on the ground. Cucumbers that hang at an airy height are less likely to rot.

Preventing diseases

To prevent disease, we recommend removing dry or damaged leaves and fruit regularly. Do not leave fallen cucumbers on the ground. In this way, you will prevent the spread of diseases. Normally, the Mexican mini cucumber is not sensitive. Only rarely does powdery mildew occur.

Note: To control powdery mildew, spraying the leaves with a mixture of milk and water helps.

Experience with cucamelon
Mexican mini cucumber enjoys great popularity. Benefit from the experiences that other amateur gardeners have already made with the cultivation and care of cucamelon. We have done the research for you.

Note: For better readability, small spelling errors (spaces, misspellings, etc.) have been corrected in the quotes. The exact sources are linked under the indication of the respective forum.

Frequently asked questions

When is the Mexican mini cucumber ripe?

The small cucumbers can be harvested regularly from June to October. Pick the small fruits carefully from the bush.

Which plants are suitable for mixed cultivation with mini cucumbers?

Plant the Mexican cucumber together with peas, beans, onions or lettuce. Avoid mixed culture with potatoes and tomatoes.

What can be the reason that mini cucumbers taste bitter?

Although the cucamelon is very hardy, it is sensitive to cold. Cold watering or cold temperatures at night can cause the bitter taste of the small cucumbers.

How to store the mini cucumbers?

The small cucumbers do not have a long shelf life. Harvest regularly so that there are not too large quantities. Place the cucumbers in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator. Minus degrees are not tolerated by the Mexican mini cucumber. The fruits would become mushy.

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