How To Care For Thai Basil?

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Thai basil has cult status within the multifaceted basil genus. The question arises whether the Asian herb plant differs in care from classic varieties. The following care instructions provide all the important answers.

Thai Basilikum Pflege

How to water Thai basil?

Thai basil thrives excellently in alternately moist substrate. Always allow the soil surface to dry out before watering the next time. Herb plants in pots place in water for a short time to water them from below.

At what rate should fertilizer be applied?

How To Care For Thai Basil?

Like all congeners, Thai basil is also a heavy consumer. The frequency and dosage of fertilizer take this into account as follows:

  • from May to September in the bed fertilize weekly with compost and horn shavings.
  • ideally every 2 weeks additionally 100 grams of grained cattle manure (21,00€ at Amazon*) per square meter of bed area to work in
  • Treat potted plants once a week with organic liquid fertilizer
  • Planted Thai basil in pre-fertilized soil, the first dose of fertilizer is administered after 4-6 weeks at the earliest.

How to cut Thai basil?
Pruning has several goals at once. The main thing is to harvest the spicy leaves. In addition, pruning serves the bushy branching and stops flowering. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Consistently de-branch the shoots to encourage a bushy habit.
  • always harvest whole branches with a length of at least 5 centimeters
  • where buds appear, the shoot is pruned immediately
  • one pair of leaves remains at least on the royal weed, where a new shoot will thrive
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Get ready for winter:
With regard to the need for warmth, Thai basil makes no exception. Nonetheless, lemon basil Bai Maenglak is hardy enough that overwintering is worth a try. Here’s how to approach the challenge:

  • if the temperature falls below 12 degrees, Thai basil is put away.
  • the winter quarters are sunny and warm at 15 to 20 degrees minimum
  • the substrate must not dry out or become waterlogged
  • every 4-6 weeks a dose of organic liquid fertilizer is welcome

Tips & Tricks
Always keep an eye on plant health when caring for Thai basil. There are threats of diseases such as powdery mildew, leaf spot and mosaic virus infection. A lovingly cared for herb plant has the best resistance to lurking pathogens. If necessary, the use of biological control agents will quickly provide relief.


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