Properly Plant And Care For Wild Basil – This Is How To Do It

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In search of an authentic and robust herb species, you can not avoid wild basil. With dark red foliage and pink flowers, the plant is also a feast for the eyes. How to plant and care for this gem properly, read here.

Wilder Basilikum

Sowing on the windowsill creates vital seedlings.
At the beginning of April, the window of opportunity for sowing basil seeds behind glass opens. Compared to direct sowing, this form of cultivation scores with vigorous young plants that move into the bed with an advantageous growth head start. This is how you proceed:

  • fill a seed tray with lean substrate
  • spray with water and sow the seeds at intervals of 5 centimeters
  • just press the light sprouts
  • at 20-25 degrees Celsius the germination time is only a few days

Properly Plant And Care For Wild Basil - This Is How To Do It

If the seed pot is crowded, the seedlings are pricked out into individual pots. Until the beginning of the planting season from mid-May, they linger in a bright window place to be kept constantly slightly moist.

Planting wild basil outdoors – this is how it works

If wild basil finds a sunny, warm location in the bed, the hardy herb plant will give its best. This is even more true if the soil is nutrient-rich and fresh and moist. The planting itself is quite simple:

  • soak the potted young plant with water until no more air bubbles rise
  • dig a planting pit with twice the volume of the root ball
  • enrich the excavation with compost or granulated bovine manure
  • pot up the basil, plant it and water it
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Of course, the wild basil species also unfolds its full flavor in the tub. Here, potting soil is suitable as a substrate, optimized with sand or expanded clay. A drainage at the bottom of the pot prevents harmful waterlogging.

It depends on this care
With the choice of the ideal location and the professional planting, half of the way to magnificent basil is done. Throughout the summer, the focus is on a regular supply of water and nutrients. Pamper the strong grower weekly with an organic fertilizer. If temperatures drop below 10 degrees, move the plant indoors for the winter.

Tips & tricks
Wild basil captivates with an inimitable aroma composition of cinnamon, anise, pepper and clove, rounded off by a fine sweetness. With this seasoning, the royal herb adds a special zing to fresh salads and Asian dishes.


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