How To Cut The Apricot Tree In The Summer

How To Cut The Apricot Tree In The Summer

Summer pruning protects the tree, keeps pests away and lays the foundation for next year’s apricot harvest.

After harvesting until mid-September at the latest, apricot trees can be cut back. After that, it often becomes too cool at night for good wound healing. In summer, however, cell formation is active.

Basically, one should try to correct the growth pattern of the tree with few cuts.

How to prune the apricot tree

Too steep, strongly growing shoots (“competing shoots”) are better removed completely; they do not develop fruit.

Avoid large wounds on the main trunk structure as much as possible.

After pruning, no branch stubs should remain. They also heal with difficulty and are an entry point for fungi and bacteria.

Cutting down an apricot tree in the summer can seem like a daunting task. However, with a bit of preparation and planning it’s actually quite simple. Plus, it can save your property from unsightly overgrowth and contribute to healthy soil. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead when pruning an apricot tree during the summer months.

Cutting down an apricot tree during the summer makes sense both environmentally and practically speaking— especially if you do everything correctly beforehand! Follow these steps to safely remove old fruit trees while enjoying plenty of time at leisure this summer season!

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