How To Dispose Of Bark Mulch?

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Do you manage a small forest or plan to cut down trees on your property, during the process will be any amount of bark mulch as a waste product. Does the bark mulch have positive properties and can you use it in the garden or will you only be left with disposal?

Find out where you can use the bark mulch and how to dispose of it.

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How is bark mulch produced?

How To Dispose Of Bark Mulch?

Bark mulch is understood to be the chopped bark of trees. During the felling of trees, the bark comes off and depending on the size of the individual components, this could already be called mulch.

Thus, the bark mulch is mainly found in forestry. There it is considered a waste product and must be disposed of according to regulations. For the garden, the bark mulch is only relevant if you plan to cut down trees.

In Europe, the bark mulch comes mainly from the conifers found here. These include pine, spruce and Douglas fir. If these trees are processed as part of forestry, the bark mulch remains.

Although bark mulch is often seen only as a waste product, it has useful properties for the garden. For example, you can cover the ground with these remnants and prevent too intense sunlight. Especially in summer, this is an important aspect to reduce evaporation and prevent plants from dying of thirst.

Where can you dispose of bark mulch?

If you no longer find a use for the bark mulch, then the only option is to dispose of it. The important thing here is to classify it as organic waste. It should not be contaminated with other components.

Under no circumstances is simple disposal in the forest allowed. It may be obvious to dump the organic product there and expose the mulch to the natural decomposition process. But the raw material has a significant impact on the properties of the soil and could result in negative changes. The ecological balance gets out of joint, so that damage to the forest occurs and the bark mulch is not welcome there. Illegal disposal carries heavy fines, so you’d better refrain from it.

Local collection point

There are more than enough legal ways to dispose of bark mulch anyway. For larger quantities, the local recycling center is a good option. These usually accept organic waste free of charge, so you may dump larger quantities there. However, you should strictly ensure that there is no contamination.

There the bark mulch is either disposed of professionally or offered for sale in the further. In the Chemnitzer recycling yards can be acquired approximately a 40 liter bag at a price of 1.50 euro. Compost is also available there, so you can not only dispose of the waste there, but also find useful products for your garden.

Organic waste garbage can

If the quantities of bark mulch are manageable, then you can use the bio garbage can for disposal for this. The bio garbage can has been introduced specifically for such organic waste and allows hardworking gardeners to simply have the leftovers picked up by the city sanitation department.

However, you should make sure that the quantity is manageable. Especially in an apartment building, you won’t make any friends if the bark mulch takes up all the space and the other occupants of the house can no longer use the organic waste garbage can.

Leaf bag

Rindenmulch - Laubsack

It is not only the bark mulch that presents a disposal challenge. There is also not enough space in the organic waste garbage can for larger quantities of the lawn or the leaves in the fall.

Leaf bags are a practical and inexpensive way to dispose of organic garden waste. Contrary to what the name suggests, not only leaves may be recycled as waste in this way. The leaf bags are also intended for bark mulch.

The leaf bag is associated with small purchase fees. On the other hand, it is easy to use and it will be taken into account in the next collection by the city cleaning service. If you bring the leaf bags to the recycling center yourself, the costs are often reimbursed. Especially if you have a lot of leaf bags, it is worthwhile to bring them to the recycling center yourself.


Organic waste can also be processed in your own garden. This is possible in the form of compost.

It is important to note that bark mulch should not be placed on top of the compost. Rather, it is considered a base layer to improve the properties of the compost. Water seeps into the soil better and rotting is prevented. In a wooden composter, the bark mulch belongs as a base layer and improves the decomposition process.

If such a base layer is already in place and there are still remnants of the bark mulch, you can simply store them separately. You can then fall back on the valuable product in the garden in the future and use it in various ways.

The useful side of bark mulch

Bark mulch can be put to good use in the garden, so disposal is not always necessary. Perhaps the following applications will convince you, so that the bark mulch will continue to be used.

The positive properties in the flower bed were mentioned earlier. The bark mulch protects the soil from evaporation and proves to be a useful aid especially in summer. The flowers get the required amount of water and the root system is better protected from the hot temperatures.

As a natural remedy, bark mulch also proves helpful against weeds. The natural product has germination-inhibiting properties, so the actual plants in the garden are more resistant. They can better stand up to the weeds and do not give in to the moss. This allows you to avoid stronger agents, such as the moss killer, and maintain the health of the crops naturally.

In the garden, you can also use the bark mulch as a cheap natural path. Smaller trampling paths can be wonderfully realized with this covering. The bark mulch provides sufficient support during heavy rains and the garden retains its naturalness. Thus, a completely different impression is conveyed than, for example, with heavy stone slabs.

Dispose of bark mulch easily

In this guide, you have learned how to dispose of bark mulch. The easiest way to dispose of larger quantities is to deliver it to the recycling center in leaf bags. Smaller quantities can be disposed of in the organic waste garbage can.

Before you simply give away the bark mulch, you should check whether it is still useful for your garden. Many gardeners have to purchase the bark mulch and do not see this raw material as waste. So consider in advance whether you still have a use for the bark mulch and only then decide to dispose of it.


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