Spread Bark Mulch In The Fall Or Spring?

Spread Bark Mulch In The Fall Or Spring?

Spring and autumn is especially time for gardening. For the use of bark mulch are worth mentioning a few tips.

As a rule, bark mulch consists of shredded tree bark. Good quality is natural, does not smell as strong and has stored at least three months. Storing it breaks down tannins and tannins that would harm plants.

When spreading the material, whether in the fall or spring, it is important to ensure compatibility with the plants. Bark mulch is carbonaceous and is preferably suitable under trees, shrubs and roses. Excluded are perennials, raspberries, vegetables and strawberries. Its design value comes into its own especially when beautifying paths.

Where bark mulch is suitable, the gardener kills several birds with one stone. The spreading inhibits the growth of weeds germinating in the light. The soil receives protection against drying out, against the erosion of the soil and excessive water accumulation. At the same time, the material provides a balancing heat balance, which is conducive to plant development and extends the cultivation period.

Last but not least, mulch harbors beneficial microorganisms for the garden, such as worms, spiders and ground beetles.

Use the material in spring and autumn

Mulch is used in the spring and fall when the soil is not as overgrown and provides open space. In the fall, the material is excellent winter protection for trees, shrubs and bulbs.

To spread the bark mulch, first loosen the soil, remove weeds and level it. Next, add nutrients to the soil and work horn shavings, horn meal or compost into the surface. Finally, spread the material evenly over the soil to a thickness of a few inches.

To maintain the mulch, it is enough to gently loosen it with a rake from time to time.

The disadvantages of mulching

No sooner is the bark mulch spread in the spring or fall, slugs hide under it. To cope with the pest, they need to be picked off more often. Since the mulch removes lime and nitrogen from the soil, care must be taken to balance it out. Especially nitrogen is important for plant development.

Where bark mulch is suitable, it performs well. Since some plants cannot tolerate mulch, it can be difficult to use. In addition, the constant moisture can cause roots to rot.

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