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How To Get Rid Of Rats In A Chicken Coop?

You love your chickens and you want to protect them. From predators, with a good fence, from diseases, by regularly cleaning your henhouse, but also from rats, which can transmit microbes but also devour eggs and attack chicks. Fortunately, there are effective ways to prevent them. So how to get rid of rats in a henhouse? We make the point!

What not to do
Getting rid of rats in a henhouse thanks to natural methods

How to get rid of rats in a henhouse: the thing not to do
Forget immediately the poison, which could also kill your chickens. If you can find poison in grain form in the shops, it is not recommended to hide it in your henhouse. It could end up in your hens’ stomachs. This would be fatal for them. It is therefore advisable to use other means to fight rats, mice or field mice.

Getting rid of rats in a hen house with natural methods

The diving board method is very effective to trap pests that could attack your hens’ eggs and proliferate in your henhouse. It is a 100% natural method, clever and non-lethal for rats. To do this, get a large, deep bucket and a board. Arrange the board so that the rodents can climb to the edge of the bucket. Next, drill two holes in a row on each side of the bucket at the top and slide a metal or wooden rod through them. On this rod, balance a small board with a few seeds.

Baited by the food, the rat will then use the ramp to reach the top of the bucket. It will then step onto the board balanced on the metal rod and fall to the bottom of the bucket when the board tips over. All you have to do then is take the rodent far away from your home to continue living its life. Another easy way to get rid of rats in a chicken coop is to keep it clean.

A clean chicken coop will keep intruders at bay. If the floor of the henhouse is littered with grain, for example, this will undoubtedly attract rodents. If a rat or a mouse is going to infiltrate your henhouse, it will be to find food…

Finally, there is also the solution, still in the ethical and non-lethal means department, to equip yourself with rat traps.

These traps attract the animals and lock them up without killing them. You can then quietly move the rat. Be careful though, because specialists recommend moving it more than 5 km away from the henhouse, if you don’t want the rat to find its way back. There are many ways to get rid of rats in a henhouse: traps such as mouse swatters, electric traps, ultrasound machines (whose effectiveness on rodents is widely disputed) and the more “peaceful” solutions that we have highlighted here. And of course, one should not neglect the cat either! Well trained, a cat can be very effective in protecting your hen house without attacking the chickens!

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