How To Give Hedgehog A Home

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:30 pm

Hedgehogs need winter quarters

Many hedgehogs really don’t have it easy in winter. They freeze because, like other animals, they have no fur to keep warm. To help the little ones, you can build a winter quarters for a hedgehog. What you should pay attention to, you can read here…

On cold days, which we can already have in mid-October, or even with a thick blanket of snow, the hedgehog urgently needs shelter to hibernate. In principle, a piled up heap of leaves is sufficient as a hiding place for the hedgehog. But what happens when the wind blows the whole pile away? Because then our little one is without protection and starts to freeze quite quickly 🙁.

How To Give Hedgehog A Home

One more thing…
We have had a hedgehog in our backyard for years. And why is that? Hedgehogs only come into the home garden when the natural environment fits.

We have lots of brush, woods, lawn and compost. A really great home for the little guy.

The simple pile of leaves

To prepare the simple pile of leaves for him, it is advisable to secure the piled leaves with a wire mesh from a specialty store.

You can cover the whole thing with some brushwood and the quarter is ready.

Building a small hollow

What also works quite well is to dig a small hole in the garden, line this with moss and leaves and the little one has it soft and cozy in its little hollow.

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Build a little house

Of course, you can also buy or build a permanent dwelling for the hedgehog. In many specialized stores there are special hedgehog houses. They look really cute. If one is a little handicraft talented, one can build this also from wood or from 4 bricks and a plate, serves as a roof, itself.

With all hiding places for the hedgehog should not be missing the nesting material.

Should you take in a sick hedgehog?

I did this a few years ago.
The little one was so weak that he could not even walk. I took him home. However, I first had to get a pair of gloves 🙂
He found shelter in the cool basement and first got some cat food and water.

Important! Do not give milk to the hedgehog, because it gives him diarrhea. However, he also had to go to the vet, because he was full of ticks. After 2 weeks he was well again and I “released” him back into the wild.

Clean everything after the den!

As with all dwellings inhabited by animals in the winter or also serve as nesting sites, this must always be cleaned thoroughly with water and without chemicals after this time.

Well then let’s go to the garden and help the little ones.


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