The Herb Garden And Its Benefits

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The herb garden
If you want to create a herb garden, you should take a look at the herb gardens of a monastery or one of the old mansions and just get inspired. One finds in such plants the peace the satisfaction and also a few ideas, how one could arrange its own herb garden. Most of the beds are easily accessible by small paths, so you can easily get to all the herbs everywhere.

Why do we want or need a herb garden?

  • for our kitchen
  • for our health
  • to maintain our beauty 😉
  • to improve the look of the garden

The Herb Garden And Its Benefits

For this I have a few suggestions, which may help to grow the right herbs for the right purpose.

For our kitchen

Fresh herbs in our kitchen are not just Hübsch, no they are also still excellent for refining or seasoning delicious dishes.
Which herbs are particularly suitable for refining and seasoning, here is a small list…

Basil, thyme, fennel, marjoram, sage, garlic, rosemary, and tarragon.

For our health

Do we want only medicinal herbs in our garden to help ourselves when we have a cold or a cough.

For this purpose, the following little helpers are best suited.

Motherwort, eyebright, lady’s mantle, coneflower and not to forget St. John’s wort.

For our beauty

In our garden we can let grow some things which are very helpful for skin and body, which herbs come into question for it here a small compilation:

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Lavender, horsetail, red clover and comfrey.
All these herbs have a soothing and analgesic effect.

For our optics

Even if you grow the herbs primarily “only” for visual reasons. Some herbs are also suitable for this purpose.
Do you have a particular type of herb garden in mind? – No – 😉

Here are a few herbs, which also bloom very pretty and thus give the garden a special touch….
These herbs are particularly suited to a traditional and formal herb garden.

Laurel, Myrtle, Rosemary and Lavender.

These plants are easy to cut into geometric or figurative shapes and fit perfectly into a formal garden.


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