How To Keep “Unwanted” Animals Out Of Your Garden

Have you noticed that animals regularly come into your garden? Do you have pets? If so, there is a risk that they will eat your plants or damage them. In this context, you may be looking for a way to avoid having these “unwanted” animals in your garden. Let’s answer this problem…

How to reconcile garden and pets
First of all, let’s note that pets do not necessarily go well with a garden. Whether you have a dog or a cat, your pet can cause some damage in your garden. For example, your dog can dig holes in the middle of your vegetable garden, sometimes at planting time, which is very frustrating. If you have a cat, it could also poop in your garden, which could be dangerous. Other pets can also cause damage. If you are one of those people who have chickens, for example, you will have to protect your garden. To do this, you can simply use a fence. Once fenced, your garden will be protected from your pets.

Wild animals
Your garden is regularly visited by wild animals? If you live in the country, this can indeed happen. Wild boars, foxes, rabbits are just some of the animals that can come into your garden and wreck it.

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Protect your garden from rabbits

How To Keep "Unwanted" Animals Out Of Your Garden

To protect yourself from rabbits, we recommend that you wire your garden. However, note that rabbits are capable of digging. Therefore, we advise you to bury your fence 30 centimeters deep. And in terms of height, plan for at least 1 meter. An electrified fence can also be a solution. Finally, if you have young trees, consider protecting their trunks with chicken wire.
In addition to chicken wire, there are other solutions. For example, to keep rabbits away, you can use certain repellents. For example, growing garlic seems to keep these rodents away. Catnip, marigold or poet’s carnation can also serve this purpose. Note that there are also auditory repellents, which can work on rabbits.

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Keeping foxes away

Like rabbits, foxes can pose a threat to your garden. And in the same way, you have solutions to keep these animals away. For example, you can use auditory repellents or olfactory repellents. A fence can also be a good barrier to a fox.

Keep your garden safe from wild boars

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Finally, if you regularly have wild boars in your yard, there are some things you can do. A first solution is to install a fence. However, you should preferably reinforce the fence with iron rods. With these rods, the boar will not be able to lift the fence with its snout.
As you can see, there are various environmentally friendly and animal-friendly solutions to keep unwanted visitors away.


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