Invasion Of Ladybugs In The House: 4 Effective Solutions

In some countries, invasions of ladybug colonies are very common. And generally, gardeners like these auxiliary insects that participate in the daily biological fight. They are natural predators of many parasites and mites that are harmful to the garden or vegetable garden (against aphids on roses, white flies on plants, mealy bugs on green plants, etc.). Vegetable plants and fruit trees love them!

However, it becomes very problematic when the little red bugs also invite themselves in your living room, your bedroom, your windows… Here are 4 ways to solve the problem of an indoor ladybug invasion.

If there are few little insects, simply put them outside. And if there is no invasion at home, leave the little beasts alone. Like the bee, the ladybug participates in the biodiversity of the garden and it is important to remember this! And as always, we advise against using harmful chemicals and insecticides.

1) Camphor and mint, a repellent against ladybugs

This is the best method, because it is painless. In a spray bottle, mix camphor and mint. Spray a little of this homemade product where the ladybugs are sitting. This won’t kill them, but it will keep them away considerably, as they hate the very strong smell this product gives off. This mixture will be more effective against the infestation if you repeat the spraying several times. This is a very good way to control ladybugs without having to kill them.

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2) Diatomaceous earth for household use

If you have children or pets (or both!), it is best to use this method to kill all the ladybugs and solve this problem for good. But you still need to keep a close eye on your children and pets. In fact, diatomaceous earth contains fragments of micro-algae. These cause cuts in the ladybugs’ exoskeleton when they pass through the earth. With this very effective natural insecticide, they end up dying of dehydration, as they are unable to retain moisture.

3) A trap made from soap and water

In a glass bowl or fishbowl, mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid or black soap with water. Place the bowl near a window or a light source. Attracted by the glare of the light, the ladybugs will eventually drown in the soapy water.

4) Boric acid

Be careful, this product can be dangerous. Borax is a cleaning product that can be purchased on Amazon or other online sales platforms. Scatter boric acid powder in the places where your invasive ladybugs are walking around. They will die of dehydration once they come in direct contact with the product.


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