Is Orchid A Good Feng Shui Plant?

Orchid is one of the most important flowers in Asian cultures and a popular symbol of harmonious interior design. With just a few orchids can be tied a magnificent bouquet, which, according to Feng Shui, even flow positive energy in the house. Alternatively, orchid flowers in ikebana style effectively come into their own as a flower arrangement.
With over 30,000 natural species, the orchid shows an extraordinary variation in flower shapes and colors. Since it occurs in nature on every continent of this earth, it has become an important symbol in many cultures. Especially in the Asian region, it is an integral part of ritual floral art as an emblem of harmony.

In traditional Feng Shui teachings, the orchid is attributed with the qualities of abundance, fertility and beauty. The original Chinese teaching aims to harmonize and harmonize man and his environment. Fresh flowers are an important element in this. Therefore, a bouquet of orchids not only looks beautiful, but also has a positive effect on the flow of life energy in the house. A large stone vase with ornaments emphasizes the reference to the Far Eastern culture.

The Japanese also traditionally rely on flowers like the orchid to bring positive energy into the home. An artistic flower arrangement with orchids is inspired by the ikebana style and is a beautiful alternative to the classic bouquet. In the strict Ikebana tradition, the interplay between form, seasons and directional lines is learned over years from a master. Beginners, despite the strict rules, should above all enjoy the fun of trying things out.

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Flower arrangements that combine several orchid species invite the viewer to linger and discover. Small and large strands of flowers are arranged in a plug-in sponge. The viewer’s gaze can be drawn to a central floral element, for example, where larger flowers visually frame this. The best-known orchid species is the Phalaenopsis, which offers cultivars with delicate minis as well as palm-sized flowers. More unusual forms are offered, for example, varieties such as Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Vanda or Miltonia.

Is Orchid A Good Feng Shui Plant?

DIY: Fairytale orchids under glass

In the stressful everyday life, relaxing downtime usually comes too short. This DIY with exotic orchids therefore has two positive effects at once: On the one hand, the handicrafts are relaxing, and on the other hand, viewers can immerse themselves in their own created fantasy world. Because the blossoms of the cut flowers are fascinatingly beautiful and their different patterns let the thoughts wander into the distance. A combination of the 25,000 species of tropical beauties creates a particularly extravagant arrangement. Combined with marbled clay and a glass dome, the result is a fairytale still life.

The following materials are needed for the DIY glass dome:

  • Orchids (e.g. Vanda or Dendrobium).
  • A glass dome
  • Air-drying clay
  • Water-based paint
  • Various vases
  • Beautiful bowl, e.g. in copper

Here’s how to make the romantic glass dome:

Step 1 First decide on a nice color and knead it into the clay with a little water until a marbled effect is created.

Step 2 Now model the colored clay irregularly around the vases. Some clay may protrude at the bottom.

Step 3 Place the different vases next to each other and connect them with some additional clay. Then fill the vases with water and place the precious orchids inside. Place the glass dome on top and the fairytale arrangement is finished.

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