Orchid Meaning: Symbolism Of The Orchid

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Orchids are one of the most beautiful and popular plants ever. Already in the Middle Ages, the orchid was used to convey certain messages or symbolism. Thus, due to its root shape, the orchid was actually a sign of virility and fertility. Later, the orchid acquired its most widespread meaning today and became a common symbol of beauty.

Bedeutung der Orchidee - Die Symbolik der schönen Blume

Different types of orchids not only have different flowers, but also differ in terms of their meaning:


Orchid Meaning: Symbolism Of The Orchid

Butterfly orchid is one of the most popular varieties and is a symbol of elegance, attachment to loved ones and femininity.


The cymbidium represents high morals and honorable virtue. In Asia, whoever gives a cymbidium as a gift, does a great honor to the recipient. With us, its meaning, that of respect and deep friendship.

Blue Vanda

In India, the blue vanda is considered a symbol of peace and is a true gem among orchids.


The flower with the name Zygopetalum could hardly be more beautiful in its meaning. It stands for the soul mate and togetherness of two people.

Especially among lovers, the orchid is a very popular gift, because with it you not only express admiration for the beauty of the recipient, but also emphasize the love and longing for this person. So, the blossoms of these flowers are a popular means for romantic moments.

The floral language of the orchid

Now let’s move on to the floral language of the orchid, which we have already touched upon in many areas. The elegant blossoms of the flower not only look beautiful, but also express admiration for the beauty of the recipient. The consuming desire for the recipient can be strongly expressed with this plant, as it is a symbol of deep passion. So it is probably no wonder that the orchid is often given by men to their beloved. Thanks to its strong symbolism, the orchid is not inferior to the red rose in terms of love. That is why it likes to compete with the latter for the title of “queen of flowers”.

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The colors of the orchid and their meaning

The colors of the orchid appear in such a natural variety as almost no other flower. Red, purple, yellow, white and pink: the color palette has almost no limits. Despite the variety of colors, the meaning is almost the same for each color and often associated with love and admiration. Only the orchid in white stands for something different. This orchid represents purity, grace and special elegance.

There is an incredible variety of colors, varieties, sizes and species. In total, 25,000 different varieties are known. Among them are some of the most beautiful flowers that exist. Orchids are perfect for beautiful, elegant and distinguished floral arrangements.

Find natural orchids outside their natural habitat is not easy. In order to admire their beauty, science has bred hybrid varieties from the 19th century, which add a touch of elegance, exoticism and sophistication to any room or place.

The word orchid comes from the Greek (orchis) and refers to the double tuberous shape of its roots. For this reason, the plant is also considered to have an aphrodisiac effect! In the pre-Columbian culture of the Aztecs, one variety, vanilla, was used to flavor the drink of nobles and warriors, called xchocoatl. Does this sound familiar?

In the 18th century, orchids arrived in Europe, where they became the favorite flowers of the wealthy. To this day, they are the undisputed gods of high floral art!

An orchid as a gift is considered an indication of beauty and (according to some) voluptuousness, as well as a sign of high affection and admiration.

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The meaning of orchids depends on their color.

Purple orchid

The purple orchid is a symbol of justice, thoughtfulness and wisdom. It is the perfect gift for people who work as lawyers, in psychiatry or the church, or generally in the field of justice or more broadly in social professions.

Blue orchid

Orchideen färben - Tipps und Kurzanleitung

Orchids in shades of blue convey a message of peace and harmony to individuals. They are an ideal gift for a partner or even for work colleagues. Blue orchids are also excellent as a gesture of reconciliation with a friend, relative, partner or colleague, etc.

Pink orchid

A pink orchid is an open and unmistakable declaration of love. So if you want to reveal your love to someone, do it with pink orchids! They are the symbol of love between two people. So, because of their meaning, flowers in this color are usually given to the partner or the partner. However, in many cases, they also serve as a gift for a close relative, such as a mother.

Green orchid

The delicate shade of green, a symbol of nature, adds an elegant touch to your flower arrangements. The bloom of this color can be perfectly combined with numerous products to create spectacular flower arrangements. A green orchid not only represents nature and freshness, green is also the color of hope. This makes it an ideal gift for people who are going through a difficult time and need confidence and hope for the future.

White orchid

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White orchids are a symbol of sophistication and purity. For this reason, these flowers are excellent for weddings and similar occasions. They can be used in the center of the table, for example, as a table arrangement, in the church, in the groom’s lapel or even in the bride’s bouquet. White orchids are undoubtedly an excellent choice for that special day!

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Yellow orchid

If you are unsure of your feelings for the person receiving the gift, be careful with yellow orchids. The color is associated with unhappiness by some people, but on the other hand, it is also associated with eroticism aside from innocent, pure love.

Red orchid

This color leaves no doubt. A red orchid is a clear and unmistakable expression of passion. It is an ideal gift for a very special person in your life as well as a way to express your passion for them. Red orchids represent the mixture of love and passion between two people. Therefore, they are an excellent gift for certain days of the year, such as the Day of Lovers on February 14, wedding anniversaries, etc.


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