Is Sage Poisonous?

Sage has been valued since ancient times as an effective medicinal plant that relieves many ailments. This healing power is based on a variety of valuable ingredients, such as essential oils, tannins and bitter substances. However, the consumption of sage is not completely harmless. It is precisely the natural active ingredients that turn into the opposite in an overdose.

Salbei giftig
  • Thujones cause dizziness, hallucinations and epileptic seizures.
  • The essential oil cineol damages the central nervous system and the respiratory tract
  • Bitter substances cause nausea and vomiting

While sage in small amounts is good for health, a daily amount of 6 leaves and more is considered toxic. This applies primarily to tea, which should not be drunk for a long time. Pregnant women are advised to refrain from eating sage as a matter of principle for precautionary reasons, so as not to induce premature labor.

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