Why Do The Leaves On Sage Turn Yellow?

If a sage presents itself with yellow discoloration instead of silvery-green foliage, various causes may be responsible. In the first step, it should be made clear that it is not a yellow species, such as golden sage. If that can be ruled out, the following triggers for the damage pattern come into focus:

Salbei gelbe Blätter
  • The sage was watered too often
  • The application of fertilizer has been overdosed
  • There is drought stress
  • Pests or diseases have attacked the plant

If yellow leaves appear, as a rule, there is a failure in the care. Water sage abundantly only as a young plant. Older specimens are content with the natural rainfall. Fertilize with compost every 2 weeks from March to August. Health problems also manifest themselves in yellow leaves. For the control of fungal diseases, cicadas and aphids is available a whole arsenal of environmentally friendly means.

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