Lavender Effects On Insects

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For thousands of years, lavender has been appreciated mainly for its smell. This comes from the essential oils produced by the plant, which are volatile, non-greasy fragrances. The plant produces a scent to keep away pests and germs, but at the same time to attract bees, butterflies and bumblebees. We humans can take advantage of these properties of the lavender scent – without any chemicals.

Lavendel Insekten

Lavender attracts butterflies and bees

The characteristic scent of lavender has a strong attracting effect on butterflies, bees and bumblebees. For this reason alone, the fragrant plant should not be missing in any garden, after all, it offers these useful little animals a readily used source of food. The planting of bee- and butterfly-friendly plants in domestic gardens is becoming increasingly important, as the animals are losing their food sources due to industrial agriculture with its monocultures and pesticides, as well as urbanization. Hobby beekeepers can also offer their bees lavender, a plant that flowers well into the fall, and lavender honey is considered a delicacy,

Lavender Effects On Insects

Lavender drives away annoying insects
As attractive as lavender may seem to be to bees, butterflies and bumblebees, it is also a deterrent to pesky insects such as mosquitoes. For this reason, lavender oil in particular has been a frequently used protective agent against the nasty little bloodsuckers since time immemorial. For a strong effect, if possible, do not use lavender products bought in the supermarket or drugstore, because they are usually stretched with synthetic fragrances and thus achieve a weaker result. Lavender develops its full essential oil content only under optimal growing conditions, i.e. sun, warmth and sufficient water.

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Lavender vinegar against mosquitoes
In addition to lavender oil, which is either applied directly to the skin or vaporized in a fragrance lamp, lavender vinegar is also a proven home remedy against mosquitoes. You can easily make the vinegar yourself:

  • Take a clean glass bottle.
  • Fill it with about one to two handfuls of dried lavender flowers.
  • Now fill up the bottle with white wine vinegar.
  • Let the mixture steep in a dark place for about two weeks.
  • Shake the bottle daily.
  • Strain the lavender flowers and pour the liquid into a spray bottle.
  • You can now spray rooms with the lavender vinegar, but you can also apply it to your skin.

Tips & Tricks
For a stronger effect, it is better to use crested or spikenard lavender instead of true lavender. These varieties have a higher content of essential oils.


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