How To Combine Lavender Correctly

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Bushy-growing and lushly blooming lavender is a feast for the eyes on its own, but in combination with other, contrasting colored plants it becomes a real feast for the eyes. For a colorful summer, we have collected some tips for the optimal combination of lavender for you.

Lavendel kombinieren

Be careful when combining lavender and roses

Visually, roses and lavender harmonize perfectly with each other. However, these two types of plants have completely opposite requirements for the soil and care, so they are actually not compatible with each other. Lavender loves dry, barren soil and should not be fertilized or watered too often. Roses, on the other hand, need a humusy, moist site and plenty of fertilizer. If you plant both species together, sooner or later at least one will die.

How To Combine Lavender Correctly

How you can still socialize lavender and roses.
Nevertheless, there is a way to plant lavender and roses together. However, this requires some preparation, and you should proceed as follows:

  • Select the desired location for the lavender.
  • Dig a pit about one meter deep.
  • Fill it with a mixture of garden soil and sand, approximately in the ratio of 1:1.
  • Border the bed with field stones or similar.
  • Plant the lavender in it, and the roses in the adjacent bed. Be careful not to water the lavender
  • not to water and fertilize the lavender at the same time as the roses!

When choosing plants, pay attention to different requirements
Even with other plants, you should first pay attention to their requirements in terms of location, soil conditions and care, in order to find suitable combination partners for the lavender. The plants, like the lavender, should prefer dry and poor soils and a sunny location. For this reason, other Mediterranean plants are most suitable, as well as many rock garden plants. By the way, blue or purple lavender looks especially pretty with red or yellow flowering plants.

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Ideal planting partners for lavender
You can safely combine lavender with these plants:

  • Holy herb
  • Ornamental leek
  • (Allium)
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Rattle flowers
  • Grass lilies
  • Cistus
  • Pentecost carnations
  • Curry herb

Before you get down to the specific planning, however, you should first clarify the basic design. Some combinations (e.g., classic English with ornamental grasses) are best suited for a gravel garden, others for a Mediterranean aromatic garden (e.g., herbs such as thyme, sage, oregano, etc.).

Tips & Tricks
Meanwhile, lavender is available not only in lavender blue, but also in various shades of purple and blue, as well as white and pink. These different colorings are wonderful for combining with each other, for example, as an area planting or a lavender hedge.


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