Lemon Tree Turns Yellow And Loses Leaves – Causes And Quick Help

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Lemon trees are prized for their glossy green leaves and vibrant yellow fruits. However, it can be disheartening to see your lemon tree’s leaves turn yellow and drop prematurely. This issue is often a sign of an underlying problem, but with proper care and attention, you can help your lemon tree regain its health and vitality. In this article, we’ll explore the common causes of lemon tree leaf yellowing and provide quick remedies to assist your tree on the road to recovery.

Common Causes of Yellowing and Leaf Loss in Lemon Trees

  1. Nutrient Deficiencies:
    • One of the most common causes of yellowing leaves is nutrient deficiencies. A lack of essential nutrients, particularly nitrogen, iron, and magnesium, can lead to chlorosis, a condition in which the leaves lose their green color. This is often accompanied by leaf drop.
  2. Overwatering or Poor Drainage:
    • Lemon trees are sensitive to waterlogged soil. Overwatering or inadequate drainage can suffocate the roots, leading to root rot. When roots are damaged, the tree can’t absorb nutrients, causing the leaves to turn yellow and drop.
  3. Pests and Diseases:
    • Aphids, scale insects, spider mites, and fungal diseases like citrus canker can weaken a lemon tree. Pests and diseases disrupt nutrient uptake and cause leaves to yellow and fall. Proper pest and disease management is essential.
  4. Stress:
    • Environmental stressors, such as extreme temperatures, drought, or sudden changes in conditions, can stress lemon trees, leading to leaf discoloration and loss. Protecting your tree from such extremes is crucial.
  5. Improper Pruning:
    • Incorrect or excessive pruning can shock the tree, causing leaves to turn yellow. Prune your lemon tree judiciously to maintain a healthy canopy.
  6. Age:
    • Older leaves naturally turn yellow and drop, especially in the lower canopy. This is a normal part of a lemon tree’s growth cycle.
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Quick Help for a Lemon Tree with Yellowing Leaves

  1. Fertilize:
    • To address nutrient deficiencies, fertilize your lemon tree with a balanced citrus fertilizer. Follow the recommended application rates and timing on the product label. Applying a foliar spray of iron chelate can quickly address iron deficiency.
  2. Adjust Watering:
    • Ensure proper drainage in your lemon tree’s container or garden. Water deeply but infrequently to prevent overwatering. Allow the soil to dry slightly between watering. A well-draining, slightly acidic soil is ideal.
  3. Pest and Disease Control:
    • Regularly inspect your lemon tree for pests and signs of disease. If you notice any issues, treat them promptly with appropriate measures, such as horticultural oil or insecticidal soap for pests and copper-based fungicides for diseases.
  4. Stress Management:
    • Protect your lemon tree from extreme conditions. Shield it from frost and provide shade during hot, scorching days. Mulching can help maintain consistent soil moisture and temperature.
  5. Pruning:
    • If you’ve pruned your tree excessively or improperly, allow it time to recover. Avoid further pruning until it regains its vigor.
  6. Regular Care:
    • Consistent care and maintenance, including proper watering, mulching, and providing necessary nutrients, can help prevent yellowing and leaf loss in the first place.


A lemon tree with yellowing leaves and leaf drop can be distressing, but it’s often a manageable issue with the right care. Identifying the cause is the first step in addressing the problem effectively. By providing proper nutrition, managing watering, and addressing pests or diseases, you can help your lemon tree regain its green vitality and continue to produce luscious, yellow fruits. Regular attention and care are the keys to keeping your lemon tree healthy and thriving.

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